We are winning, another US is possible

We are winning, another US is possible

On Wednesday, a majority of the House of Representatives voted to impeach President Trump for “inciting an insurrection” after the Jan. 6 attacks on the Capitol.

Anna Moneymaker, The New York Times

Something to be hopeful of, you know what WE ARE WINNING. Now I know this isn’t the narrative that many are used to. The wealthy only give us money if we tell them how bad everything is, and with the absence of media the rise of nonprofit communication as left media, the perspective of working-class life is through a pathologized lens that is fundable.

There is no doubt that racism, sexism, and class oppression are huge obstacles, but they are obstacles that we can unmake. We have power. White supremacists are angry, because Black people stood up and said, “You can’t kill us.” And Black people continued to say it over and over again, and though the police did not stop murdering Black people and in many cases actually started murdering more Black people—it demonstrated that protesting and organizing works,
but it works in conjunction with policy.

The Black Lives Movement amplified —
Voting does matter.
Policy does matter.

The funding for the police, the dismantling of the Voting Rights Act, the austerity measures, are all directly related to the ballot box. winning

Those organizing against police violence saw that. The organizers weren’t sell-outs. They were tacticians. Black Lives Matter worked in conjunction with voting rights activists and not only voted Biden into office, but flipped Georgia— a stronghold in violent racist policy and purview. winning

What is happening now, while it is not a death rattle for white supremacy and the Confederacy that refused to die, it is a strong reactionary one that is dangerous. Still, it will be more dangerous if we cower in hopelessness or engage in flippant apathy.

I know it’s popular to say the US is working how it is supposed to. I look at that statement a bit differently. The reactionary elements of this system are working exactly as it is supposed to.

And we’re supposed to acquiesce. To the Republican Party? The party that is the descendant of the the party that beat Charles Sumner almost to death on the House floor for speaking up against slavery.

We can’t do that again. We can’t let white nationalists get away with their violent racist tantrums.

I will never reach across the aisle and work with Confederates, Radical Republicans, or with people in the arts and academia or the “dyed in green white sheets” who try to explain the people who would bring back slavery as “patriots” or “defender” of the First Amendment.

The Confederacy is why the prison industrial complex EXISTS!

The people who support the white nationalist purview are our enemies.

People who support racists and claim it is owing to their political ideology are liars; they are lying about their ideology. Their ideology is racism and white supremacy.

But everyone else, I am open and willing, and we should all be ready and open to work together, organize together, vote together, and create policy that benefits us all. We have the power to make a difference.

You’re my friend, unless your ideology supports our oppression.

And friends, we have power.

US, Black, white, Chicano, Latino, and Asian Americans will hold the white supremacists accountable and we WILL win.

Teka Lo, Public Intellectuals

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