Racists will not continue to lead this country, be better and burn less

Racists will not continue to lead this country, be better and burn less

I’m going to bet that political consultants in DC, LA, and New York are getting together today over coffee, orange juice, vodka, and Zoom. white supremacist Kyle Rittenhouse

And not because white supremacist Kyle Rittenhouse of Antioch, Illinois one time member of the Public Safety Cadet Program, the Grayslake-Lindenhurst-Hainesville branch, which trains future police officers, murdered two people in Kenosha last night.

But because, Wisconsin is a place that neither of the two major parties can lose, because if they do, they lose the election. Wisconsin is the most swinging of swing states.

It is why from the Greens, to the Democrats, to the GOP there are drag out fights for their vote.

Wisconsin has both an extremely white supremacist and racist history and a radical socialist history, Milwaukee had three Socialist Mayors.

Those two polarizing white factions along with Black Lives Matter were involved in the violent battle last night that left two dead and one injured (instigated by the police and racist fascists) in Kenosha, a suburb of both Milwaukee and Chicago.

Wisconsin also has a sizable Native American community and there are Black people. There are enough Black people that two cities, Milwaukee and Racine (another suburb of Milwaukee), have continually ranked as the worst cities for African Americans to live, in the United States. Its city of Madison exceeds the already horrific US average of 2.5X of Black people being murdered by the police in comparison to white people.

I know that political consultants are only seeing one Wisconsin and they probably are thinking that the best course of action would be to get more repressive (code for fascist) and more conservative (code for racist) to appeal to them, but that would be a mistake.

If people who think they are running the United States don’t get smarter and stop catering to fascist, white supremacist racists, this country will burn to the ground.

The Middle America you think exists unchallenged is as fictional as the American dream and the only power it has is the power granted to it by the institutions. Those institutions are about three months away from no longer existing.

Be better, burn less. white supremacist Kyle Rittenhouse

Or not.

Teka Lo, Public Intellectuals

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