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What the rich will allow

What the rich will allow

The violence I watched unfold on social media at the “I Am Change, March to the Poll” organized by Rev. Gregory Drumwright of The Citadel Church in Greensboro and ending violently in Graham, North Carolina, took me back to the marches in the 1960s. Those marches too often ended in state-sanctioned violence. 

The vicious attack on women, children, and people exercising their right to vote was sanctioned NOT by the police, but by a person with institutional control and power. What happened on Saturday was part of a series of actions. In New York and New Jersey, Trump supporters blocked the roads. According to the Independent in Texas, armed Trump supporters rammed the vehicles and harassed a Biden caravan on the I-35.

This weekend every road the people traveled on across the nation, whether by car or foot, white supremacy and fascism, met them with violence. Nothing that happened this weekend was random. These actions were a planned and coordinator event directed under the orders of President Trump. 

Despite those ugly incidents, it was a victorious weekend for those voting against Trump. In Harris County Texas, the county where Houston sits as one of its cultural hubs, the birthplace of Beyonce, Megan Thee Stallion and the city where anarchist Lucy Parsons met her husband Albert, Latino and African American voters were victorious the when the Texas Supreme Court rejected a request by Republicans (GOP) to throw out 127,000 votes and to disallow the process of drive-by voting, because of the ease of participation. As I am typing this, over 92 million people have voted,  which is ⅔ of the votes cast in 2016. The GOP, Trump, the white supremacists, and fascists have nothing left, but violence. 

Texas and Hawaii have already surpassed their voting totals from 2016. 

The United States is on track to having the highest presidential voting participation rate on record. Even with the Voters Right Act’s dismantling, which has closed many polling places in Brown and Black communities and created hours-long lines for all.  

The stochastic terrorism against the US Constitution and its people by Donald Trump has not deterred the people and it won’t deter the people. 

We have lost over 230,000 Americans in the United States to COVID-19, because Trump prioritized Wall Street, himself, and golfing over the people who live in this country. 

Lucy Parsons’ said, “Never be deceived that the rich will allow you to vote away their wealth.”

Parsons’ is correct. The rich will try attempt to stop you from useful actions. The rich will ram you with their cars. They will pay people to stand at polling places with guns. They will have the press characterize you as troublemakers and use the police departments to pepper spray you and your children. Like Senator Mitch McConnell, the rich will run for office and push through Citizens United, which gave corporations First Amendment rights, which means they can give unlimited amounts to campaigns as freedom of expression. They’ll nominate racists like Scalia for the Supreme Court who will use the court to create laws to prevent you from voting by limiting your access, but despite that, you MUST keep fighting. 

There are #manyactivisms, and voting is one. 

The rich are not going to pay for activism around dismantling the police, they aren’t going to give you a permit to Occupy Wall Street, but the rich oddly seem OK with the focus remaining on the police as the problem and not them, but we’ll talk about that later freedom fighters!

The rich won’t allow many things, like union organizing, but do them anyway because just like there isn’t ONE person that can “save us” as a community there is not ONE activism that will fix this. 

Voting is effective because the right comes out against it and attempts to hinder the process every single time, because the process legitimizes transformation.

I invite you to be part of the transformation.


Teka Lo, Public Intellectuals

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