No ID for vaccinations supports access for Latinos, African Americans, and undocumented communities

No ID for vaccinations supports access for Latinos, African Americans, and undocumented communities

Many undocumented people and poor people do not have IDs. If you are poor, Black, Latino, or elderly, you are less likely to have a government ID.  

CHICAGO/NEW YORK – Many U.S. pharmacies will not be checking IDs before administering COVID-19 vaccines, leaving the door open to those who do not meet states’ guidelines to jump the line.


The above argument is what the right uses to trick non-racist social justice-oriented people not to support free college. 

What if someone who doesn’t deserve it gets it? That would be unfair!

“[A] huge subsidy for the middle class and wealthy.”

George Leef, National Review, on an opinion piece on free college. 

The rightwing is a magnificent liar and twister of words and narratives.

Vaccinations is a voter’s right type of situation. It is a Civil Rights issue. We don’t have ID checks for voters, because it is a barrier for many non-white, non-English speaking people. 

Also, not checking ID will remove a huge barrier for people who aren’t documented to get access to vaccines. It would be cruel and genocidal to demand IDs for access to vaccinations.  It is in the interest of the public good to make vaccinations as easy to access as possible.

According to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, COVID-19 has lowered Black and Latinos’ life expectancy. The pandemic has reversed over ten years of progress in closing the Black−white gap in life expectancy and reduced the previous Latino mortality advantage by over 70 percent.

In Los Angeles County, COVID-19 has had a horrifyingly disproportionate effect on Latinos. According to state public health data, they comprise 40 percent of the state’s population but 55 percent of all confirmed COVID-19 cases and 46.5 percent of all deaths.

We are in a public health crisis. Please keep in mind that many people in power want you to be afraid and not trust your community. They also want to destroy public health. There are also some sadistic white supremacists who feel that Latinos, African Americans, and undocumented people are disposable. 

They even have betting pools regarding how many of us will die in the nice Midwest.  At a Tyson plant in Iowa, for fun, white managers had a betting pool of how many of their Latino employees would die of COVID-19. vaccinations

We need everyone who wants to get vaccinated— to get vaccinated, especially in working-class communities of color. A large percentage of Black people are already hesitate to get the vaccine owing to an active anti-vaccination campaign funded by white supremacists. If people jump the line, it does not matter. Those communities are doing the bulk of the work during the pandemic. vaccinations

No one wealthy is coming to East New York, downtown Milwaukee, Compton, or Boyle Heights to get vaccinated, but for an undocumented person or a person who is just poor and lost all their stuff —a no ID requirement would take away a HUGE barrier for access.

In this public health crisis, no ID for vaccination should be national and standard practice. 

Teka Lo, Public Intellectuals

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