Trump’s fascism didn’t start when he expanded his terror to white people left of the Republican Party , harming white people isn’t the marker of when fascism starts

Trump’s fascism didn’t start when he expanded his terror to white people left of the Republican Party , harming white people isn’t the marker of when fascism starts

The definition of fascism: a political philosophy, movement, or regime officially established in the 20th century (but existed prior) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition. It is oppression within a country. Imperialism is oppression internationally.

Trump has a history of fascist practices:

A brief history of Trump’s fascism

The 1970s: The US Department of Justice sued the Trump Management Corporation for violating the Fair Housing Act. He refused to rent to Black tenants stating the government couldn’t get him to rent to welfare recipients. 

The 1980s: He participated in an (almost) modern-day lynching when he put out an ad demanding that New York “BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY. BRING BACK OUR POLICE!” in regards to the Central Park 5. It ran in The NY Times, The Daily News, The New York Post, and New York Newsday. His anger helped convict the Central Park 5, who were teens at the time. They did not do it. The city paid $41 million in a settlement to the teens after 13 years in jail. 

The 1990s: Trump regularly violated Black workers’ rights and broke Civil Rights laws. He was moving Black workers at his casinos from positions in the front of the house to the back of the house to accommodate racist gamblers’ preferences. 

From theory to practice, if he wins in 2020 he’s going to start murdering people, he probably will start on 5th Avenue

And as president, he took his theory of disregard for the law and constitution into practice. During the Republican National Convention, he violated the Hatch Act several times. He has continuously engaged in stochastic terrorism against the press and foes. The Trump administration has also attempted to limit democracy by forcing people to vote in person during a deadly pandemic while also directing the head of the United States Post Office to slow down the mail. He has continued his Central Park 5 philosophy of violence for violence’s sake to put down peaceful protests against police misconduct.

And while he seems like a narcissistic individualist, he is not exclusively. He is a white nationalist. His policies benefit wealthy white people. He hires his incompetent wealthy white friends and he has surrounded himself with wealthy white people in a manner that reminds you of Hitler’s ideas of the master race. He also inspires a sort of death cult. In the past and by his current actions, Trump has demonstrated that he is a fascist. He is an American fascist.  

Jim Crow was fascist

Despite what your average white American thinks, this country’s oppression of Black, Chicano, Boricua, Native American, Asian American and Kānaka ʻŌiwi, and Kānaka Maoli people isn’t unique in its violence, and it certainly does count as fascism.  

The US doesn’t get to have exceptional American fascism that is called something, not fascism. No, the US racism is part of its fascism. 

Americans are only exceptional in their willful ignorance, and delusion, and self centered hubris. 

The reason why the United States cannot have the universal support and the altruistic policies of Europe is that the US is fascist. It’s freedoms have become twisted slogans reminiscent of Orwell’s 1984 Ministry of Truth:  

war is peace 
freedom is slavery 
ignorance is strength  

  • Its freedom is oppression. 
  • Its racism is fascism. 
  • Its democracy is authoritarian that empowers white people. 
  • Its First Amendment is groupthink and newspeak.

Race is a social construct. Marginalization is a social construct. 

Fascism ebbs and flows

Fascism has ebbs and flows throughout the world. France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and Italy have all had times when fascism has flowed up into the rivers and flooding into the fields.   The United States is not an exception.    Fascism may not have flooded the fields but it has washed away the progress and hopes of many oppressed individuals leaving despair and desperation.

The United States has had times of rising fascism.   Those times when supposedly fringe groups like the Ku Klux Klan, skinheads, and Minute Minute had infiltrated the US government and enacted monstrous goals with institutional policy.

Fascist practice in US history

Fascism presents itself as outdated racism in the US. Whose beliefs are held by deadenders.  Strangely, these deadenders often hold high positions and haven’t died out even as the last Nazi war criminals have faded from the planet.  In Nazi Germany, Hitler’s antisemitism complimented his fascism, but the goals remain the same, control.

In 1492, when Columbus arrived at a later stolen land and renamed the United States, 15 million Native Americans lived here. By the beginning of the 19th century, there were 238,00 because European settlers and colonizers murdered them. 

In 1860, 4.4 million Black people were living in the US; white people enslaved 3.9 million of them. In 1860 the US had 31 million people. White people did this for cheap labor. 

From 1865 to 1867, a group of ex-confederates went to Mexico to offer their services to Maximilian, an imperialist colonizer fascist from Austria. They served in Mexico until Benito Juarez’s coalition defeated Maximilian’s army and executed him by shooting him the face. Each member of the firing squad was paid to not shot him in the face. They did not oblige him.

Post-reconstruction from approximately 1892 until the 1964 Civil Rights Act the United States had a separate, but equal allowable authoritarian terroism against Black people through a policy called Jim Crow. 

In the 1930s, the US government kidnapped 1.1 million US citizens of Mexican descent, stripped them of their citizenship, and dropped them off in Mexico. The US government did this to reserve jobs for white people during the depression.

In the 1940s Executive Order 9066 interned 120,000 Japanese Americans for four years for not being white, and then they stole their land and divided it amongst white people. 

Fascism always has a power motivation, and while the US fascism ebbs and flows — it flows quite a bit.

Trump is definitely part of the flow period.

Germany is sharing the gold medal with the US in regards to horrible, but Germany has said sorry

White people do not have to reach exclusively to Germany to showcase an example of a horror show. Horrors happened here. In fact in some ways you could say the United States created the genre of fascism, they certainly created the first movie with “Birth of a Nation.”

The horror show of fascism has been in the US since its theft and renaming.

Because of the murder, thievery, and exploitation of the labor of non- white people, everyone gets to enjoy the fruits of the United States. However, some of us are serving their children  for food. 

When white people with firm roots in the US reach to other countries as inspiration as to why they fight back against the “rising” flow of fascism, there is an implication that the US has never been like that. 

The US can’t just skip past Manifest Destiny, that was fascist

It is a disregard for US history. And it insults the people who were murdered, beaten, and stolen from, so white people could get an opportunity to say, “I could never ever compromise, it’s against my values,” as their maid vacuums the floor, they Zoom into work to give updates, and have dinner delivered from Grubhub.

Political purity tastes like white supremacy

Black people and Chicanos in the US have been fighting fascism since the Europeans darkened their doors like vampires.  Dracula always asked “May I come in?”  Imperialists and fascists do not have manners.

When white America explains that there has never been fascism in the United States, it is the ultimate fascist perspective.

But I have come to deduce there is a good reason why white people reach to Germany. It is because they can only see violence if it is against white people.

The genocide of the Native Americans was not genocide. It was Manifest Destiny.

The enslaving and raping of Black men, women, and children was simply economics.

When the United States stole Mexico and people died, it was just a war.

  • President Lincoln was an open fascist. He ordered the largest mass execution in US history when he called the hanging of 38 members of the Dakotas for killing settlers who were trying to kill them.
  • George Washington looked at Native American land as “colonial space temporarily inhabited by Indian people.”
  • Woodrow Wilson said during the 1915 White House screening of the “Birth of a Nation” movie, “It is like writing history with lighting. And my only regret is that it is all so terribly true.”
  • Theodore Roosevelt said, “This continent had to be won. We need not waste our time in dealing with any sentimentalist who believes that, on account of any abstract principle, it would have been right to leave this continent to the domain, the hunting ground of squalid savages. It had to be taken by the white race.”

Americans influenced the Nazis

Henry Ford (an elder who Hitler admired), Charles Lindbergh, and Amadeo Pietro Giannini (founder of Bank of America) were for fascism in the United States and abroad. 

The UC Regents named its UC Berkeley law school, Boalt Law School after John Boalt, an anti-chinese activist. Boalt used his pen to push the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. In his paper “The Chinese Question,” Boalt stated that Chinese people were “heartlessness and inhumanity toward the infirm, the feeble, and afflicted of his own race shock every sensibility of our nature.”

While the school changed its law school from Boalt to Berkeley Law School, UC Berkeley’s Giannini Hall remains.

There is a school named for DW Griffith in East L.A.

Social media amplifying the killing of white people under fascism doesn’t make it new, just like Columbus “discovering” America doesn’t make it new

Trump is continuing in that fascist tradition. His expansion of that circle of oppression to individual members of the socially constructed white race is not new. It is just amplified owing to social media. 

White allied people of minorities have been killed before, see John Brown. 

The idea that white people are the only American that can be victims of fascism, and all other people are a distraction of identity, is a fascist concept. 

The US is a country where people would rather have a 17-month-old child shot in the face than to offend the white man’s right to be fascist, because the Second Amendment gives them the right to do so, in defense of the US, which is fascist. 

Ask a descendant of the land this country was stolen from or a person whose family was enslaved a few generations ago if this country meets the definition of fascism?

As a descendent of enslaved Africans in the US, I can honestly say the US has felt fascist at times

The Second Amendment’s entire point is to gather a militia in case of an uprising among the Black and Brown people. Even to many white leftists, we are not people. I don’t see how a law designed specifically to kill Native American, Black, and Chicano people if we ask for our rights doesn’t feel fascist to progressive white people. It is clearly a fascist concept. 

John Brown didn’t need a law to shoot supporters of slavery. The First Amendment covers carrying a gun. It is freedom of expression.

John Brown didn’t need the Second Amendment, just saying

The answer to why Nazis are worse and why the US cannot be fascist in regards to the people who:

  • Murdered over 10 million Indigenous people in the United States.
  • Enslaved over 4 million Africans.
  • Kidnapped and deported over 1 million US citizens of Mexican descent.
  • And interned over 100,000 Japanese Americans. 

Can’t just continue to be variations of “well those people aren’t white.”

There is nothing more fascist in thinking that what happened to Black, Chicano, Boricua, Native American, and Kānaka ʻŌiwi, and Kānaka Maoli was not as horrible and owing to that, needs a special lesser designation, because they are not white. 

What is happening here is still overwhelmingly impacting Mexicans, Boricua, Native American, and Black people. It is done to not only torture those communities but also to control people designated as white people. 

Fascism isn’t everyone suffering, just some

Fascism does not look like “everyone being oppressed.” It looks like one group being oppressed as a warning to control the movement of people who are under the illusion they are not oppressed. 

In the US, many white people had a great time during Jim Crow. Those who stood up were murdered and, for the most part, erased. This is the case throughout US history. See Andrew Goodman and Micheal Schwerner for examples of this.  

This is also the case abroad. Nazi Germany was entirely OK for people not designated as undesirable. Fascism in Italy wasn’t all misery. It was a select percentage of people selected for direct authoritarianism to keep everyone in check. 

It’s bad authoritarian strategy to go after everyone, that’s not how you build a cult following, death is always for that “other guy”

If you oppress everyone overtly, then fascism won’t work. It works by picking marginalized citizens. Sometimes the marginalized is religion and other times, it’s race, and other times it’s immigration status. Authoritarians pick groups for their usefulness in oppressing the general citizenry

In the US, being anti-black is useful in controlling the general population.

The common denominator of fascism is not race; it is oppression. 

The victim of oppression or marginalism being white doesn’t make it  special American exceptionalism fascism that warrants a new name for the oppression, unless you’re a fascist. 

If oppressing a white person is fascism, then oppressing a Black person is fascism. Your whiteness and Americanness does not make you special. 

The US is a fascist nation, and the sooner we recognize that we can implement systems to stop the flow from continuing to rise onto our shores.

by Teka Lo, Public Intellectuals

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