The curse of the bad choice, why we have to vote for the candidate that will win against Trump

The curse of the bad choice, why we have to vote for the candidate that will win against Trump

Accelerationism is the idea that capitalism and oppression should be sped up because it would lead to an uprising that will destroy capitalism. After this destruction we would be able to live in a cooperative dream world. It’s like herd immunity theory, but for politics.

There is a portion of the far left (and far right) that feels that this system needs to be destroyed, because it cannot be reformed. They believe that this system is working as it is supposed to be working, and they are correct. This system is working exactly as it is supposed to. 

The United States is a brutal country that believes in exceptionalism. It is very efficient at oppressing, exploiting, and killing people. This system is designed to kill you immediately if you violently resist.  Max Weber 1919 wrote in “Politics as a Vocation” that the state claims ‘monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force.’  Your gun collection and corporate platform Facebook page isn’t going to stop that.

Good strategy is important

I am not a practitioner of absolute anti-violence, but I am absolutely against ridiculous strategies. I have read “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu, “The Prince” by Machiavelli, and “On War” by Clausewitz. I have studied battles, history, and philosophy, and I have listened to stories of people who have failed countries, and I am 99.9% certain that any plans to take down this government if Trump wins, will fail. Trump will take down the parts of the government that benefit you. Your rights and your privileges and your post office, but any ideas that we’re stopping anything rapidly, before our 2-year-olds become angry 25-year-olds is delusional.

If he wins, get ready for at least 10 years of hell. Vote for candidate that will win against Trump

Also, I do not appreciate the typical citizenry fantasy of the United States’ binary perspective of good and bad. I do not believe that if Trump is the perfect villain then we need the perfect Superhero to defeat him or capitalism.  That works in the comic books, but we are not 4-colors printed on pulp paper with bulging muscles that don’t anatomically exist.

The people don’t need to suffer to achieve liberation

The United States is its people. The people need a representative that does not openly lie and break the law in our faces. If I have a choice to pick a person to fight, I’m not picking Trump. This idea that we need to have Trump, because you’re the only one who is smart enough to see the truth without pain, is just more of white supremacist American exceptionalism.

The people don’t need to suffer to release themselves from chains.   If that’s the kind of leader you plan on being, I’m also not picking you to be on my team in any capacity, because I already know the kind of sadistic plans you have for me in the name of freedom.  And the burden always falls on other people, not the “Dear Leader.”

We’re no longer in “theory-time,” friends, we’re about to start praxis.

The Far Right (which includes present-day Republicans) has more people, more discipline, and more weaponry.  They are parading in the street with long guns on big trucks that they have been using to run people over.  Interestingly, the tactic of using large vehicles to crush people was developed by violent fundamentalist religious authoritarians in the Middle East, where the US has been in “conflict” since 1958.

Trump is evil, vote for the candidate that will win against Trump

You can call Trump ignorant all day long, but it doesn’t take away the fact that he effectively killed nearly 183,000 people in six months and forced the majority of the US public to live on $1200, not $1200 a month, but $1200 total during the entire pandemic and forced a good chunk of those not part of the over 6 million who did get COVID-19 in the US,  to continue to work and risk our lives during that same deadly pandemic. That is outrageous.  Nero allowed Rome to burn so he could build it anew, what are Trump’s plans for a clean slate America?

The Trump administration is spending over $20 million to stop mail-in voting. The Trump administration installed Louis DeJoy a $1 million Trump donor, as US Postmaster General to assure that voting goes the “right” way.

We need to get Trump out of office, before he kills more people, because your revolution is not happening today, tomorrow, next week, next year, or next decade.. I am no longer entertaining this ridiculousness. I am no longer having these in theory conversations with people who are too afraid to call off work during the plague. You can’t  stand up for your life. How will you be successful at doing anything of significance if that monster wins again?

In an armed fight, thee who hesitates will die.

Consequences of Trump staying in office

Children will die and our seniors will die. And while I understand that the US is a country that has been continuously at war, do you personally want to die in 2021?

Do you want your kids to die in 2021? Do you want to get shot in the head or tortured, because of something you wrote on Twitter? Do you want your blog to be why they drag your mother out of her cardboard box and cut off each of her toes and mail them to you weekly? Is that what you want, because that could be coming.

I am not an alarmist. I am deducing future actions by observing the present and past actions.

The game that was being played, now changes owing to COVID-19. We have a deadly pandemic that is about to get worse.

What we need to do, instead of preparing for a battle, is to organize for a political change that is more open to negotiations.

Don’t let adventurous with passports manipulate you into signing your own death warrant

Accelerationism theory is only going to work well for those with an escape hatch: a passport, a trust fund, and a Ph.D. or other credential that allows a person to wax poetically of the ivory tower of another imperialist country after this one has failed.

Trump needs to go, because we need more time.

Nothing is liberating about enabling brutal non-negotiating authoritarianism.

If the administration stays in office, it has clearly stated what it will do, whatever it wants.

And what it wants is to not be challenged so for us what will be coming is lock-ups, starvation, dismantling of schools, private militarized police, enslavement, and death. 

We need more time to organize, educate, and to get replacement systems at least ready.

This idea that Trump winning will be great, because then we will learn to be free is a lie. 

Only an agent provocateur would suggest that it is all the same and what we need now is to fight in the streets. In order to win a revolution that involves violence, that revolution would need to start with free people. We’re not free.

The result of a revolution will be more enslaved people and more oppression.

And the result of playing this dangerous game and Trump wins and there is no revolution will be more enslaved people and more oppression. 

Chaos Theory, vote for the candidate that will win against Trump

Let us apply chaos theory to what would happen in a violent revolution in the US in its current state.  Vote for the candidate that will win against Trump

Chaos theory states that you can predict the next organized state by looking at the power next to the unorganized state. A revolution now, with the left in its completely unorganized state and the right in its well-organized state will lead to an even more oppressive situation for the people. It will lead to an even greater class divide, where visible minorities will be openly targeted. 

A revolution today will end with people being swooped up by a right-wing private security force and oppressed by an even more right-wing government-funded by capitalism. 

A revolution of the enslaved and exploited United States public would be just the kind of disorganization that the right-wing forces would need to clamp down on more on people.

We cannot make a new world until we free ourselves from the chains of this one.

This is about giving us more time, because it is not dying that I fear the most — what I fear is being forced to live in what I know is coming. V

ote for the candidate that will win against Trump

Teka Lo, Public Intellectuals

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One thought on “The curse of the bad choice, why we have to vote for the candidate that will win against Trump

  1. Good work. While we need to build for the future and need to be aware of Democratic Mandarins highjacking the movement, we will be better able to maneuver and organize under a Democratic President than a Republican Trump. Think of it as electing a replacement for Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The Supremes often have more power than the President in their ability to strike down legislation and executive actions.

    Jack O’ Kent

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