Donald Trump’s $2,000 stimulus clock play, inspired by Dan Marino

Donald Trump’s $2,000 stimulus clock play, inspired by Dan Marino

On January 6 of 2021, Trump will try overturn the election with a contingency election, and he has started the process with a threatened veto of the COVID-19 package without a $2,000 stimulus check. This is a Hail Mary Pass at the end of our 2020 US Election that may work (probably not), and then the game is over.  

Vice President Pence will preside over a joint session of the 117th Congress on January 6; acting in his capacity as the President of the Senate, he will formally certify the federal level’s election results. Yeah, you thought December 14 meant the end of this madness, but just like in “Kill Bill” it’s never that easy.  It used to be, but the spirit of 2020 may drag itself into 2021.

When US Representative Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) called on Congress to not seat the 126 Republican representatives who committed treason by not accepting the proven election results, that wasn’t some political theatre. Pascrell is an 83-year-old man from Paterson, New Jersey, who had Trump’s number. Sometimes experience with shady ass people is vital because it gives you insight into what they are about to do. He’s from New Jersey, so he knows all about shady ass people.

The reason Trump wants to veto the CARES Act — the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (COVID-19 package) is not that he wants to give you $2,000 stimulus check.

The reason he is going to veto this bill is to give inspiration and a cause for Republicans to challenge the electoral college.

In the working-class world, we always want to think that it is always about the money. We never want to believe that the wealthy are trying to kill us simply for the sadistic thrill, because who would want to believe that.

However, there is a thing more valuable than money: Hegemony.

Hegemony is the leadership or dominance by one group over another. It can be one by one country over another or a social group over others, e.g., racism and classism. And they use that hegemony to control where the money goes, who advances, who stays stuck in neutral, and who stagnates. Stimulus

They don’t need money if they can make you do what they want. Of course, that person would like money, most of us do, but they would like you on your knees even more.

So how would this Hail Mary – Statue of Liberty – Quarterback Sneak clock play work?

First off, the rich Republicans like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) are not going to care. They love the idea of holding up money, because while they claim this is about fiscal responsibility and the importance of not wanting to run up the deficit —we all see now that is entirely not true. The real reason is to remain hegemony. Holding up this money would be challenging and for the already struggling Black and Brown communities. That alone is worth being OK with the veto, to make people wait and remind them that their lives can be ended with a pen.

What about poor white people? Well a big chunk (not all) of them are willing to take one for the team, that’s not sarcasm, that documented fact. Read the “White Racial Frame” if you have time.

Being white and poor is still white. I don’t view it as an advantage, but clearly, Kentucky does. But white people will be hurt and driven to action. Stimulus

Now there will be some white people who immediately WILL care AND are Republicans and LOVE Trump. They are going to use Trump’s veto as leverage! An inspiration!

When Trump vetos the COVID-19 package, it will inspire citizens to put enormous pressure on the Republicans to challenge the electoral college.

If 50 Republican Senators refuse the electors with Pence breaking the tie, it goes to the House of Representatives. You are thinking, “Cool the Democrats run the House.”
No, not cool. That’s not how this process works.

Keep these numbers in mind.

Also, if Mitch doesn’t go along with this, he will lose his seat as the Senate’s head. He does NOT want that to happen. Stimulus

Remember hegemony. In that seat, Mitch has destroyed the Voting Rights Act and created Super PACs —that was all his dirty work.  But he has another motivation to keep that seat —money for military bases in Kentucky.

Kentucky is home to the three military bases and is home to the 101st Airborne Division one of the most decorated and prestigious US military units. It has been involved in almost every major “conflict” since World War II. Why would an airbase be in a hilly location? If it is a dark and stormy night, you can crash, why has it been there since 1948?

The military is Apple, Netflix, and Wall Street for the South.

He can be motivated to go along with this outrageous plan.

There is a HUGE hitch with this play a state’s results can only be contested if a lawmaker from both the House and Senate submit a formal challenge to the results, which will force the two chambers to split up and have up to two hours of debate on the state’s results. That is not going to happen, but what if it does.

So if the electors are successfully challenged, then under the 12th Amendment the vote goes to a contingent election

Has this ever happened? Under the 12th Amendment contingent elections have occurred only twice times in US history: 1825, and 1837.

In the event of a tie, or if no candidate for either or both offices receives a majority, then the choice of the President and Vice President “defaults” to Congress in a procedure known as contingent election.  

In a contingent election, the House of Representatives elects the President, choosing among the three candidates (Trump is one of those candidates) who received the most electoral votes.

The House votes by state: Each state delegation votes internally to decide who the state will vote for. 

The Senate elects the Vice President in a contingent election, choosing between the two candidates who received the largest number of electoral votes. Unlike the House, each Senator casts an individual vote. For both offices, a majority is required to elect in a contingent election: 26 or more votes of individual states for President and 51 or more Senators’ votes for Vice President. 

District of Columbia does not participate in a contingent election for President or Vice President.

The most IMPORTANT QUIRK of contingent election is that each state casts an equal vote, regardless of population. California, with 39.5 million people, will equal Wyoming with 0.5 million. That’s almost 80 times more people. In the House, each state delegation casts a single vote for President, while in the Vice Presidential election, each Senator casts a single vote.

Since there are more Republican states hence delegations (27 vs 20), Trump wins.

The Georgia runoff election is Tuesday, January 5, 2021. It is one day before Pence certifies the electoral college. This race is a MUST win for the Democrats. The Democrats losing this race would be like liquid courage to the Republicans and even if the Democrats do win, they will still need at least one Republican to come over in this worst-case scenario, which needs a lot of things to work perfectly to work perfectly.

Now, there is some rushed action on the forthcoming veto. People say that the Democrats should write an amendment to the COVID-19 package, though that is not how the game is played, and they probably can’t amend the bill before January 6. 

The only chance this could pass an amendment is if an IDENTICAL amendment is passed in the House and Senate. We do not know how likely that is when you have not one, not two, but three Doctor No-es (McConnell, Johnson, & Paul). Want to help with that amendment, go HERE

I’m concerned that this is a Charlie Brown, Lucy, and the football kick, at least for the $2,000 for the people.

According to NBC, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said she would bring up a new bill on Thursday, December 24, to increase the direct payments.

Pelosi’s efforts COULD fail among Republicans who were already resistant to the $600 checks and see Trump’s chance to remain in the White House.

When Trump leaves office, he is going to jail, so he will try every trick in the book to stay in office. Of all of his plays, this is the best one he has to remain in office, huge chances are it won’t happen. Everything would have to work out perfectly and the Constitution would have to be burned, but that martial law thing is in case this works out.

Teka Lo, Public Intellectuals

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