Solidarity, Social Media, and Social Justice: The Left After the 2020 Elections a special from Anarres Project for Alternative Futures

Solidarity, Social Media, and Social Justice: The Left After the 2020 Elections a special from Anarres Project for Alternative Futures

Almost 70 million Americans voted to keep President Trump’s message and policies in power during the 2020 election, including many BIPOC and LQBTQ voters. What does this say about the possibility of racial and economic justice in the United State going ahead? Anarres Project for Alternative Futures co-director Dr. Joseph Orosco talks with longtime Anarres Project writer Teka Lark Lo, and Ethnic Studies Professor Alexandro Jose Gradilla, about what gives them hope for social justice change. The story of the 2020 elections is one about BIPOC grassroots organizing, they say, and the need to continue building coalitions built around solidarity and racial and economic justice.

Anarres Project is inspired by the speculative fiction of Oregon writer Ursula K. Le Guin (Anarres is the “ambiguous utopia” from her novel, The Dispossessed), The Anarres Project is a forum for conversations, ideas, and initiatives that promote a future free of domination, exploitation, oppression, war, and empire. The Project is based on the understanding that past, present, and future are not separate. We are intent on uncovering the many living futures constantly coming into being in the present, those innovations and creative insurgencies happening everywhere in our midst, and exploring the affinities between them. They seek to bring together activists and scholars from the arts, humanities, and social and natural sciences who are writing, thinking, and teaching about the themes explored in Le Guin’s work: gender, racial, and sexual justice, ecological sustainability, bioregionalism, left libertarian/ anarchist traditions, utopias & dystopias, alternatives to war, and cooperative economic arrangements. They have hosted a variety of community discussions at Oregon State, bringing together students, scholars and community activists to think together and the nature of the radical imagination.

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