Socialism is being used as a racist dog whistle

Socialism is being used as a racist dog whistle

Progressive, liberals, the left, and people who aren’t racist need to cease entertaining the lies of racists who hide under the Republican label. Republicans in their current configuration have continuously lied about virtually everything. 

Republicans lied about being fiscally conservative. Nothing about them is in the realm of conservative. The last four years have shown that Republicans are both fiscally and radically irresponsible. They have continuously demonstrated this irresponsibility by voting yes on every irresponsible budget destroying measure that Trump has proposed, ballooning our budget deficit to a historic $27 trillion.

Republicans lie about being modest regarding sex and valuing traditional family life. The Republican party’s base has voted for a person accused of rape and or sexual assault over a dozen times. Worshipped a man who had sex with his current wife and a sex worker while his prior wife was was pregnant. They have prayed for an individual who has been married multiple times. 

Trump is the living embodiment of the antichrist. Republicans do not believe in the word of Christ they are racist.

These lies are not new. The press calls their lying dog whistles. My nana calls it talking out the side of your face. 

Most people are familiar with their common racist dog whistles — states’ rights, school choice, 2nd Amendment, and food stamps.

The dog whistle, “Socialism means giving things to Black people” isn’t necessarily new. But it’s something that should occasionally be brought up to point out the duplicitousness of the Republican party.  

When Republicans say Biden is a Socialist, what they are saying is that “He will give things to Black people, OUR THINGS.”

In the context “our things” means white people’s things. 

Republicans are loudly signaling to their racist, primarily white base, that they embrace racism and Biden does not. 

These narratives have absolutely nothing to do with Socialism.

Their Socialism conversation is also not a philosophical one.

They do not have an ideological difference with the left, progressives, or radicals. 

The difference between Republicans and Democrats isn’t how a person might traditionally view partisan.  It is parochial partisan, which means we are the in group and we’re white. We matter and you do not.

Republicans openly accept the use of racism to institute policy and to oppress Black people on a much broader and more dangerous scale than Democrats. 

While the Republicans have a problem with anyone not white, nothing gets their base to literally self harm themselves at the level that Blackness does. 

The white base of the United States’ Republican party has in the past and currently have fully embraced socialist/ democrat socialist type policies when and if they were white only benefits. 

Republicans were OK with college being significantly subsidized and in many places free, as long as it was white.

Giving people land was fine, as long as they were white. Settlements and land claims are how the newly immigrant Germans (largest white ethnic group in the US) got their start in America. Even in the 20th century subsidized housing for the middle class was fine if it were white only. The government wanted to provide housing for Americans and was doing it until a loud racist minority stated they would reject it outright if it weren’t white only or segregated and unequal. 

Republicans are OK with subsidized healthcare. In fact, single-payer is fine if it’s white. In Utah and Idaho, some of the whitest and most Republican places in the US have single-payer. 70% of their communities are on a form of single-payer health care. 

Housing the homeless, totally fine if the homeless community is predominantly white. Studies have shown that you can cut homelessness by 91% and support for the programming is high —as long as the homeless are white.

“We need cooperatives, if the white rural people could only see the benefits.”

Starry eyed socialist

Hey dude, they already see. They know what a cooperative is. They have cooperatives: grain elevators, huge industry, a cooperative all white. Cooperatives are embraced and viewed as part of life with no issues in Republican Oklahoma, South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, and Wyoming. 

Welfare for single mothers, was acceptable and in fact, encouraged by President Theodore Roosevelt, as long as it was for white mothers.

Surely poverty alone should not disrupt the home,”

President Theodore Roosevelt 1911, about his continuing to support the white only Mother’s Pension that instituted in 1890. 

Hell, even “evil” drugs, totally cool if it’s white.

So you don’t have to explain Socialism to racists. They understand what it is, it’s you who do not understand. 

The white left doesn’t understand that the issue here isn’t a fear of authoritarianism. We have seen that’s also not a problem. The destruction of this country, is also not a problem. The racists were willing even to throw away democracy for racism. 

The white left needs to fully embrace the idea that there are sections of this country that are smart, knowledgeable about Socialism, are not New York, and very racist. 

All of us need to stop reaching out to racists, they get it, they are just racist. There are plenty of non-racists and anti-racist people that can be reached out to.

Teka Lo, Public Intellectuals

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