Safe to Work Act, is not safe

Safe to Work Act, is not safe

Yesterday the Republicans put forth a stimulus plan that is just as awful as their nonexistent platform. It is actually more awful, because it contains a kind of secret trojan horse that they continue to try to slip in, that while not sexy, it’s the super important, Safe To Work Act.

Safe to Work Act, is definitely not safe

The (Totally NOT) Safe To Work Act according to Business Insider:

Raises the bar for hospitals, schools, and small and large businesses to face coronavirus-related lawsuits.

What does that mean?!

The Safe To Work Act (S 4317) makes it difficult for you to sue. It also LOWERS the bar for safety measures that hospitals, schools, and small and large businesses will face.

Why would a group of people who don’t believe a virus is real, write an entire law to protect businesses against it?

Masks are taking away your rights, but an actual bill that takes away your right to sue IS completely fine.

Please explain that to me?

Not only does the Act introduced on July 27 by Sen. John Cornyn [R-TX] ) prevent you from suing if your employer’s negligence results in you getting COVID-19, it allows them to sue YOU for a “meritless” lawsuit if you try to sue them and it’s RETROACTIVE from DECEMBER 2019.

This bill allows your employer to sue you (well your family, you’ll be dead) if you attempt to sue them for negligence

If COVID-19 isn’t a big deal, why are they putting forth this bill?!

These “get the children in school and the people working” people funded by the rich are either willfully ignorant or do NOT care about you.

Anyone not talking about this, does NOT care about you, because the Republicans keep trying it with this bill.

From the bill:

“To lessen the burdens on interstate commerce by discouraging insubstantial lawsuits relating to COVID–19 while preserving the ability of individuals and businesses that have suffered real injury to obtain complete relief.”

“[N]o individual or entity engaged in businesses, services, activities, or accommodations shall be liable in any coronavirus exposure…”

“These lawsuits also risk diverting taxpayer, money provided under the CARES Act and other, coronavirus legislation from its intended purposes to, the pockets of opportunistic trial lawyers.”

Also, take a look at sections 122, 142, and 162.

It is getting rejected, but they did try it and will try it again

The GOP plan is going to get rejected. Still, it should give you MORE than a pause. Not just that they cut 1.5 million people out of receiving a pathetic supplement of $300 dollar week in unemployment (and we shouldn’t have to be using our money for a disaster that is owing to the incompetence of our government) — but that they are continuously attempting to use policy to murder us. They are murdering us slowly of course, so they can get some work out us, but eventually, they will kill us.

The GOP is a group of people who created a policy that gave 4 out 5 tax filers that make $1 million or more a year; 43,000 people, an average stimulus of $1.6 million by lowering their tax liabilities – and how much did we get $1,200. And a whole bunch of delusional “upper middle” class people (the ones explaining how you should go to work and die) didn’t even qualify for it AND they felt bad about it (or thought it was a bragging point) about making “too much”…Jesus Christ…whatever keeps you going.

The Trump Administration is not ignorant. They know exactly what they are doing. They will keep trying to do horrible things as long as we let them sit in the White House.

Teka Lo, Public Intellectuals

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