Debt Collective, Los Angeles – Cancelling student loans, so that we can have a future

Debt Collective, Los Angeles – Cancelling student loans, so that we can have a future

Public Intellectuals’ editor Teka Lo in conversation with Debt Collective’s Dr. Richelle Brooks.

Dr. Richelle Brooks is the co-founder of the Los Angeles chapter of The Debt Collective, founder of ReTHINK It, an organization dedicated to addressing antiblackness through education and mutual aid, a full-time educator, and a single momma of two children. As a first-generation college graduate, formerly houseless person, and formerly incarcerated individual, she has learned to navigate many of the most oppressive and racist systems and institutions, and has made it her life-work to help others do the same, while simultaneously working to dismantle these systems that perpetuate inequities.

The Debt Collective is a debtors’ union fighting to cancel debts and defend millions of households. Join them to build a world where college is publicly funded, healthcare is universal and housing is guaranteed for all.

The Debt Collective has abolished more than $1.8 Billion in student debt, medical debt, payday loans, probation debt and credit card debt. Their student debt campaign put full student debt cancellation and free public college on the political map.

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