The RNC or Marxists are going to eat your babies

The RNC or Marxists are going to eat your babies

While the Democratic Party is spending lots of money trying to earn the white racist vote, the Democratic Super Pac, Priorities USA, is spending $150 million on white racist Trump voters and another Democratic Super Pac, American Bridge is spending $10 million on white racist Trump voters. The Republican Party literally went full on fascist for their convention. 

Day one of the Republican National Convention (RNC) began in the morning with one hour straight of Trump lying. I sat and watched him lie for over an hour as I drank my coffee. 

He kept lying about things that China did that hurt us, and then he would randomly call Obama a failure, then go back to insulting and lying about China and then praising himself. 

I kept thinking, “Hey, we have Google now, you can’t just say what you want.”

But Googling can’t stop Trump from talking, so he continued to talk over my mumbling at my laptop.  It ended before noon and I spent the next few hours researching countries I could move to, just in case.

At 7 p.m. I tuned back in to the Republican National Convention.

Theme one: They want to take your gun!

The theme of the night seemed to be guns, guns, they want to take your guns and then they are going to kill you, security, Jesus Christ, god, guns, and more guns, stop the socialists, Marxist Revolutionaries, the Democrats want to kill you (they literally said that, several times) cancel culture… and of course Trump is AMAZING!

First (this may have been the morning session), a guy named Peter Goldberg from Brooklyn (now in Alaska) had a ten-minute rambling talk about how the Democrats took under God out the Pledge of Allegiance. He went on and on about it and said how God wouldn’t be taken out of the Republican Party, and I’m like, Goldberg, Brooklyn, what is really happening…are you trolling me? He was not. He was 100% serious. 

Then Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the couple who pulled their gun out on Black Lives Matters Protesters in Missouri, had some of the night’s loudest dog whistles. They were trying really hard to be normal and then — to paraphrase “THEY(Democrats) want to take away our guns!!” and gave an almost racist, but can’t quite put your finger on the racism account of why they pulled a gun out on protesters walking by their house. 

They referred to newly elected Congressperson Cori Bush as a Marxist and continued with, “The radicals are not content just marching in the streets. They want to walk the halls of Congress. They want power. This is Joe Biden’s party. These are the people who will be in charge of your future and the future of your children!”

This would be awesome if this were even kind of happening, and it is not. Cori Bush wasn’t even invited to the DNC, because Biden probably feels the same as the McCloskeys.

For some reason, Donald Trump’s son, Don jr. was speaking and discussing cancel culture. It was a pretty extensive monologue on cancel culture and the damage of it. I love it when white dudes talk about cancel culture. They want to know why they can’t rape, murder, invade space, write horrible things, and ban and block and exclude people and be allowed to do it in peace with zero consequences like they have for the entirety of modern history. Why must they be critiqued like mere mortals?!

Donny jr, if cancel culture was real your dad wouldn’t be in the White House. Cancel culture is like reverse racism. Cancelling only goes one way and it’s not new. 

To me, the most dangerous weapon of the night was Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones. When I look at him, I understand how William Monroe Trotter must have felt looking at Booker T Washington. Vernon gave a speech that thanked Trump for funding Historically Black Colleges and gave a distorted version of how racism works, leaving out post-reconstruction horrors, redlining, and the recent dismantling of many of our Civil Rights and the active defunding of the Black communities under white supremacy’s watch and directive. 

The world isn’t binary dude. There is absolutely nothing wrong with pointing out the Democrats’ issues, but there is something wrong when you decide to give fascism a try. There is definitely another way.

Theme two: All haters are welcome!

That brings us to another theme of the night for the RNC, that their racist, fascist tent of white supremacy is big enough for all people. Black people, gay people, Latinas, and Jewish people as long as you love, admire, want, and desire white Christian goodness at the end of the night. 

So to put an exclamation point on that, they bring out Kimberly Guilfoyle. Kim discusses being the child of immigrants, look lady I am the child of an immigrant. Puerto Rico is in the US. When you go from Puerto Rico to New York, you are just moving.

And her reference to California being a heroin highway, so petty. Kim just because you and Governor Newsom didn’t work out, doesn’t mean you have to insult California. 

Also if drugs are a problem Kim, maybe you want to talk to your friend Donny jr. and get him some help, because he looked very high last night.

Whatever her plans are regarding “lighting up,” I’m going to just say no. Also, who are you exactly? Why were you on the stage? You’re an advisor, advisors don’t talk or rather in your case, should not talk. 

There was some minimizing talk about COVID-19, very little about the 5.4 million people who contracted it and the 177,000 people dead due to Trump’s malfeasance. Trump made jokes about hydroxychloroquine that was comforting if comforting and scary as hell mean the same thing to you. 

I would talk about their platform, but they don’t have one. It will be rule by fiat. The Republicans are now acting pre-Magna Carta. That’s pretty old school.

That was day one of the Republican National Convention or “oh so this is how the Nazis became a thing.”

Teka Lo, Public Intellectuals

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