Reparations won’t make this square, Election 2020

Reparations won’t make this square, Election 2020

The United States put over 127,000 Japanese Americans into internment camps during WW2. The Reparations of $1.6 billion disbursed amongst 82,000 does not make it square.

When you talk about things we have never done in the US, you forget about the Japanese Internment camp

The Japanese American community lost $400 million, which would be $5 billion in today’s money. I don’t give a damn if Japanese Americans got a pathetic amount of reparations (if they were still alive). You never recover from someone uprooting your family and throwing you in jail. You can never make a thing such as that, right.

The good old days were not good for everyone.

Chinese massacre of 1871 was a racial massacre, in Los Angeles, a mob of 500 White people entered Chinatown and attacked, robbed, and murdered Chinese residents

Racism creates two parallel worlds, one for white people
and another for nonwhite people, a world where you have to be
exceptional, and nearly perfect, to have the life of an ordinary white person.

For Japanese Americans, Chicano, Chinese Americans, Native Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Black people, the fear that white people have now due to Trump, we have already known that fear.

Sadly, many of us are numb to it.

300 Santee Sioux sentenced to hang in Minnesota by Lincoln, 1862

The only difference with this particular leader is he is messing with white lives now. Trump is going to destroy the white middle class. He’s going to ruin your colleges. He’s going to destroy your tenure. The Trump administration is going to dismantle your K-12 schools. Trump will dismantle labor laws. He’s going to make you choose between getting your teeth fixed and paying your light bills. He’s going to make you choose between paying your rent and staying home to raise your child, which seems unreasonable for a person, not working-class or Black or Chicano or Bourican. Those problems are coming for you under Trump.

For white people this is probably horrible, since you didn’t have to experience slavery or someone stealing your land IN THE US

Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure this US is much worse for you if you’ve never been enslaved in the US, lynched in the US, excluded from jobs and/or housing in the US, because of your race, murdered for reading, murdered for owning a business. Had your whole life taken from you and your family locked away, because white people are afraid. I’m sure if you’re white, you have never experienced this on US soil. This America is terrifying for you.

I’m sure my great-great-great-great-great grandfather was terrified too when they brought him over here in chains on a boat, so I understand.

I know you may think I am exaggerating, that’s because you live in an entirely different America than I do.

Many of us not protected by white supremacy have had the displeasure to come upon your grandparents.

Your grandparents were awful, I’m sure your grandparents were different, but other people’s grandparents

You don’t need to warn us about things that happened outside the US.

We have lived nightmares in this country under your leaders. Leaders like Washington, Lee, Roosevelt, Lincoln, McKinley, and Polk have murdered us, kidnapped us, stole our land, lynched us, and interned us.

You don’t need to point to anywhere else. You can just point to the horrible things that happened to Chicano, Indigenous, Chinese American, Japanese American, and the Black people here. Reparations doesn’t and won’t fix this.

Reparations won’t fix this

You can say, “Please, don’t vote for Trump, because I don’t want to be treated the way the US has had no problem treating nonwhite people for the 243 years existence of this stolen country.”

Teka Lo, Public Intellectuals

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