Public Intellectuals Radio

Public Intellectuals Radio

The Public Intellectuals Radio is a podcast that features interviews with the progressive politicians, writers, policy makers, and activists who are creating paths for a better world. Public is hosted by Teka Lo. If you believe politics should be personal and pragmatic, this podcast for you. If you believe the United States can work, this podcast is for you.

Public Intellectuals is magazine that analyzes culture, politics, and pop culture, though a progressive and pragmatic lens, because there will always be one more thing.

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  1. As I was watching this I kept thinking of a way out to save Tic. Oh Yeah BABY! Austin Powers 2. Dr. Evil points out they have a time machine. And as Tic turned out to be the Mysterious Stranger that saved his Dad and friends, maybe Austin err…. I mean Hippolyta can use the machine again. But that would mean letting Christina get away. How else could there be a sequel?

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