Noel Alumit, Exit Poll

Noel Alumit, Exit Poll

Is your work political?

Yes, I explore themes of sexuality, race, immigration —all of it is politicized. 

What is the place of literature in politics?

Literature informs. In seventh grade, when we read “Romeo and Juliet,” we looked at warring families, teams, point of views. Of course we know the tragedy of the two lovers —someone dies or gets damaged. I don’t know if those kinds of discussions are happening anymore in our classrooms.

What is your favorite political work? 

Well, I am a big fan of words, but I love film. I’ve seen “A Place in the Sun” starring Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor a million times. It said so much about class and ambition.

Do you feel voting is important?

I have voted in every election and I go to the polls in the neighborhood I grew up in—Historic Filipinotown, Los Angeles. The election may not go the way I hoped, but I want polling officials to know that there are voices in my neighborhood.

What are your hopes for this election?

I hope people will see that their vote mattered. Not voting led us here. 

Noel Alumit is an actor, writer and Buddhist pastor.

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