A special report from All Power to the People: Newark Police Department Union continues to fabricate narratives to defend against the NPD violation of the Consent Decree

A special report from All Power to the People: Newark Police Department Union continues to fabricate narratives to defend against the NPD violation of the Consent Decree

Afrika from the podcast All Power to the People discusses Branden K. Rodwell, 31, of Newark, and Justin Rodwell, 30, of Irvington, who were unjustly detained and then arrested by the Newark Police Department (NPD) on Tuesday, June 1.

After the incident, Jaykil A. Rodwell, 28, and Jasper D. Spivey, 24, both of Newark, were also arrested after voluntarily surrendering to police following issuances of arrest warrants related to the incident. The police called it an assault on officers, but it appears to be people exercising their right to be left alone and not be murdered by police officers who presented initially in plain clothes.

There were no guns were found at the scene. 

From the video and statements, it looks that the NPD violated the 2014 Consent Decree.

That Consent Decree prohibits NPD officers from: 

Using an individual’s geographic location, presence in a high crime area, or proximity to the scene of suspected or reported crimes without any other reliable indicator that an individual has or is engaged in criminal activity, as the basis for an investigatory stop or detention.

NPD are explicitly prohibited from randomly stopping people. All police are, as it is a violation of the Fourth Amendment, but the NPD decree reminds them explicitly they cannot do this.

“This mentality that people do not have to abide by the law, this complete lack of respect for law enforcement must end,” —Newark Fraternal Order of Police President James Stewart 

After watching video from the Jay Dow PIX newscast, All Power to the People’s report, and listening to bystanders from the community, it is clear that the attack was NOT on NPD, but on Branden and Justin and it is the NPD that needs to learn respect and the law.

“The false narrative put forth feeds the old and archaic thinking that police are an occupying force, always in danger from a hostile community, rather than goodwill guardians of a community that has a growing respect and cooperation with one another. That is what we are building in Newark, truth be told.”

Newark Mayor Ras. J. Baraka statement on the Newark Police Department false narratives

It is clear that NPD is a long way from deserving a release from the Consent Decree, the progress made thus for is owing to external forces and not internal change.

Continue to liberate Newark, by continuing the Consent Decree muzzle on the violent NPD institution that continues to attempt to suppress and control the Black community by force.

Clear these men’s names:

Branden K. Rodwell
Justin Rodwell
Jaykil A. Rodwell
Jasper D. Spivey 

There was no attack on the police. It was people insisting that their Fourth Amendment rights NOT be VIOLATED by officers, who from the recorded evidence released, appear to have violated not only these young men’s Fourth Amendment rights, but also the Consent Decree. People should not have to DIE to get support.

Teka Lo, Public Intellectuals

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