Mujeres De Maiz — Writers Table Talk, a conversation about writing in spite of the white hegemony of the literary world

Mujeres De Maiz — Writers Table Talk, a conversation about writing in spite of the white hegemony of the literary world

Our editor Teka Lo participated in the Mujeres De Maiz Writers Table Talk, take a listen to this informative conversation along with Myriam Gurba editor of Tastefully Rude and Professor Cynthia Guardado. This talk is part of an important fundraising campaign.

Mujeres de Maiz (Women of the Corn) has embarked on their first fundraising drive. The goal is to produce, “UnEarthed,” a feature documentary sharing the 25-year herstory of Mujeres de Maiz — a story about the past, present and future as told by Indigenous identified urban women of color that dare to follow their desire to create, unite, resist, heal, and inspire social change.

The following words are courtesy of the Mujeres de Maiz website:

Mujeres de Maiz has united women of color artists and activists from around the globe into a safe space, where the expression of their artistic voice and visions are encouraged, supported and amplified. As an Intergenerational, Woman of Color, Multimedia artist collective, the organization has made a Safe Space for Young Girls and Women.

Stage to the Page via our Annual QTBIPOC International Women’s Day multimedia Live Art Show & self-publishing Poetry, Prose and Visual Art “Zine” from The Gallery to the Streets via our Decolonizing Art Practices & Multimedia Exhibition from The Past to the Present via our Art and Holistic community Workshops & monthly talking Circles Reconnecting Ancestor Knowledge.

Their legacy includes hundreds of emerging, working and now established artists and activists that have explored, collaborated and grown professionally by sharing their own specific blend of mind, body, spirit and culturally artistic work. Mujeres de Maiz not only inspires but has cultivated and nurtured thousands of Millenials and the Gen Y generation with ancestral traditions and knowledges.

With over 20 years of footage, unique to this story is the integration of their archival footage, publications, and interviews captured in various formats by women throughout the years.  Your financial support will contribute to an independently produced narrative and will assist with professionally archiving L.A. – Tongva territory, urban indigenous identified herstory!

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