More than white baby boomers, #DemConvention

More than white baby boomers, #DemConvention

F+or the first time in my life, I watched the Democratic National Convention.

There are so many things to say. First off, I watched it with an open mind. In spite of everything I thought, well….then they started with a multicultural choir of children singing the national anthem. While it was adorable, it was tainted by past actions of the mainstream, not exactly racist, but definitely patronizing pat you on the head type of activity.

Children used as symbols are always a red flag to me, and anytime I see lots of children of color, I know there will be no adults of color who are not muzzled.

Democratic National Convention, the kids were cute but…

That is how this works. Lots of Black and Brown kids, POC in pantsuits, and anyone who might challenge anything in a significant way excluded, but you can’t call them racist (though we can still call you a capitalist jerk), because they have Clyburn up there…

I didn’t want to believe that would happen, I even said on Twitter, “This is how the National Anthem should be done.”

I was making a REAL effort to be a team player. Seriously, even when inside, I was rolling my eyes.

But as the speeches continued, I realized a very particular theme. The theme was white people. I mean, the theme was literally white people, yeah sprinkled in with some “colorful” stories and “colorful” entertainment, but white people were the theme.

And the theme wasn’t even young white people. It was older white people, older Republican white people who own property, small businesses, and farms.

Democratic National Convention, why are racists such a big part of your strategy?

I see the Democratic Party is STILL trying to win over the white racists. WHY?! It’s OVER, they are NEVER, EVER coming back. They don’t care if their grandma dies and they end up on the streets. They are dedicated to racism and dedicated to being awful and dedicated to lying to themselves and others, for the right to be racist.

The only people who will reach that crew are their family, and their families are busy “educating” the five Black people they know on Facebook, so they even know it’s pointless.

The irony is this investment in the concept of race and whiteness, is actually going to kill white people; it’s going to kill many white people, and it’s not going to kill the rich ones, it’s going to kill the ones that keep saying they are middle class.

The revolution people think is coming when this fails is definitely not going to be the one we ordered.

In some ways, I wonder, is this all some kind of game. A game to implode this country and get rid of the concept of race (well white people) and turn us into some kind of gigantic factory.

Americans (even people who kind of bragged and said they made too much money for the $1200) will work IN PERSON during COVID, actually risk death.

I’m totally aware the “far left” is too afraid to call off from work, so you’ll have to self-motivate

Even self-described far leftists will risk their lives for a job. You are actually going to risk your life for a job?! You say a revolution is coming, I don’t see how that is going to happen in a world when a self-described radical is terrified to call off work during a plague.

The racist the Democratic National Convention were chasing:

Will defend the police killing them, as long as they kill more Black people.

Be OK with not having healthcare or dental care.

If you bring these things up, it’s viewed as radical and you will be socially shunned.

I mean, Americans will work harder for less than anyone in the world. I feel that the rich are just slowly trying to bring everyone over to the idea that they literally are tools.

I also see the Democratic National Committee’s technique to reach out to the youth (who’s now 35) is to scold, shame, and fear monger.

Democratic National Convention, heads up, millennials are almost 40

I know that was only night one, but the echo chamber has got to stop. This strategy is going to backfire. Why, with all the antiracism classes going on at Zoom, are they still so invested in whiteness? Why?

Arizona and Texas are flippable states, with an open and willing to listen Chicano audience.

I can’t believe this is accidental. I can’t believe the Democrats are accidentally sabotaging such an easy serve, literally all they have to do is hit the damn ball and they can’t manage to do this.

Medicare for all.
Universal public colleges.
Not be assholes to people under 40.

Put AOC on the stage. Put Cori Bush on the stage. Put politicians that actually have charisma up there and CAN connect to people.

How hard is this?

by Teka Lo, Public Intellectual

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