Mississippi, still attempting to burn

Mississippi, still attempting to burn

Black Jackson, Mississippi has been without water for going on three weeks now. The state seems puzzled, I’m not. The pipes are over 100 years old. The white supremacists that run the state have never bothered to upgrade them, despite the entire state being listed repeatedly on worst infrastructure lists.

Mississippi is proposing 13 anti-voting laws focused at disenfranchising Black voters and lifting COVID restrictions that look to be aimed at harming the Black community that works overwhelmingly in essential worker fields.

This all looks like revenge.

Let me explain.

Mississippi’s 40 percent Black voting base passed Measure 2 in November 2020. Measure 2 is an amendment that removes the electoral vote requirement and establishes runoffs for the gubernatorial and state office elections.

Since Post-Reconstruction, Mississippi — the state with the highest percentage population of African-Americans and the highest African American voter turnout, has never had a single Black statewide officeholder. That is because the open and plentiful white supremacists in Mississippi created a very explicitly anti-black law.

During Reconstruction (1865-1877), there were 13 Black state officeholders, including a State Senator, Secretary of Education, and a Lieutenant Governor. After the “Invisible Empire of the South” also known as the Ku Klux Klan “encouraged” the dismantlement of Reconstruction, Mississippi enacted the 1890 Mississippi Plan. The explicit motivation of the plan was to take political power out of African Americans’ hands and uplift white supremacy.

From “The Journal of Proceedings, The Constitutional Convention, State of Mississippi” 1890:

“It is the manifest intention of this Convention to secure to the State of Mississippi white supremacy.” 

1890, Mississippi Constitution Journal

They were very blatant, and they still are. 

The Mississippi Plan had voter disenfranchisement and re-enslavement components through the Black codes, and it also added a barrier for Black candidates running for state office. 

The plan had the state adopt a two-tiered path to winning statewide office, e.g., governor or attorney general. Candidates must get both a majority of the popular vote AND win a majority of Mississippi’s 122 state house districts (only 42 of which are majority black—segregation and redlining). If neither candidate achieved both criteria, the state house of representatives picks the winner. 

This November, Black people managed to vote that little stipulation away by passing Measure 2. Plan B by the white neo-confederate fascists that inspired the Nazis, is to murder Black people.

That is a very reasonable deduction. Remember, the elite planter class in Mississippi bred people, raped their enslaved servants, and then sold the children of those rapes. Don’t underestimate the depravity of Dixie. 

Continue to watch Mississippi closely; there is no telling what those white supremacists might do to retain power.

Teka Lo, Public Intellectuals

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