Exit Poll —Respite: Michael Massenburg

Exit Poll —Respite: Michael Massenburg

Is your art political?


Your favorite political artwork?

David Hammons’ “African American Flag”

How do we move forward?

By being informed in truth. By being in action. By being open to new ways to address old problems beyond our personal and past experiences. By being adaptable.

Your inspiring plans for 2020?

Taking control of things I can control. My physical and mental health.

by Michael Massenburg

Michael Massenburg was born in the city of San Diego and raised in Los Angeles, California. Michael pursued his studies at California State University, Long Beach and Otis School of Art and Design. Massenburg has exhibited in galleries and museums, completed private commissions and worked on public art projects throughout the country and abroad.   

His list of public artwork clients includes Metro stations in Los Angeles, American Jazz Museum and the Fabulous Forum in Inglewood. He is also the recipient of various grants and awards including California Arts Council and for the city of Los Angeles DCA as Cultural Trailblazer. Along with his art-making practices, Michael is a teaching artist, community organizer and activist for various organizations and causes.

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