The white supremacist philosophy behind the anti-Medicare-for-all movement

The white supremacist philosophy behind the anti-Medicare-for-all movement

One of the most successful life-saving programs and advertisements for public health in the United States has been its immunization program. A successful public health program must be inclusive of everyone, and the immunization program is, though not initially.  

In the 1930s, polio ravaged the country. Doctors thought Black people were less susceptible because they didn’t see Black patients owing to segregation. This was not true. As the Second Great Migration after WW2 brought African Americans out of the South and to northern and western cities, it became evident that polio wasn’t just a white disease. 

In 1955 Congress passed the first Vaccination Assistance Act

By 1979 polio had been eliminated from the United States. 

The anti-public health campaign is based in white supremacy. In the modern era, it was initiated by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS). The philosophy of white hegemony doesn’t agree that Black and white people should share doctors or medical facilities.

White supremacy views any action inclusive of non-white people as anti-white.

They specifically have a problem with the inclusion of Black people.

To white supremacists, any successful prophylactic health campaign that is racially inclusive is anti-white.

The rollout happening right now with COVID-19 to white supremacists is a threatening anti-white activity. A success might swing the tide of the public in favor of public health. 

Medicare-for-all becoming a law is an anti-white activity.

Both of these activities would lead to white people sharing doctors and facilities with Black people.

A lot of work has been done to prevent that from happening. 

There are not many Black doctors. That is owing to Abraham Flexner his Flexner Report. Owing to that 1910 report, the medical board closed all but two Black medical schools and all the integrated medical schools that admitted Black people and women.

Flexner left two Black medical schools open because he stated, “Negroes could contaminate whites with their tuberculosis and hookworms.” 

White hegemony surmised if there were no Black hospitals that Black people could be admitted to, then white doctors might have to touch Black people. Those white doctors would then become infected, return home, and spread “black” diseases to their white families and white communities. 

Many white supremacists still hold that belief, and some are even doctors.

“With regard to the idea whether or not you have a right to health care you have to realize what that implies. I am a physician. You have a right to come to my house and conscript me. It means you believe in slavery.”

“Doctor” Paul in POLITICO explaining the right to healthcare is enlisting him to being a slave to serve [Black] patients

The AAPS is a conservative organization founded in 1943 to stop any form of U.S. Government healthcare. AAPS killed the Wagner-Murray-Dingell Bill in 1945. The Wagner-Murray Dingell Bill was a proposal to institute a national medical and hospitalization program.

AAPS is an ultra-right-wing and uses new-age quackery to justify racist and punitive medical policies. The AAPS is why the U.S. has a GoFundMe medical system and the rest of the world has socialized medicine.

They still exist today.

Its leaders have been in most white supremacist conservative movements. Many have been John Birchers. Their political philosophy is inspired by Ayn Rand. Its lead counsel is Andrew Schlafly, son of the legendary conservative activist Phyllis. The AAPS statement of principles proclaims that socialized medicine (Medicare-for-all, Medicaid, etc.) is “evil” and “immoral” activity for physicians.

Anti-vaxxers and anti-Medicare-for-all organizers are not funded by the ignorant. Racists fund them—racists who want to kill any form of public health care.

Teka Lo, Public Intellectuals

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