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Matt Sedillo, Exit Poll

Matt Sedillo, Exit Poll

Is your work political?


What is the place of literature in politics?

Art, particularly satire and exposé, can often stir the public in ways that direct political action, organization or speeches might not. Literature can galvanize  people with a sense of indignity or with a vision for something better. It does not enter political struggle per se because it is never absent from it. Literature is a key component of the political landscape in any number of directions at all times.    

What is your favorite political work?

The film “Battle of Algiers,” released in 1967.

Do you feel voting is important?

Important is a broad word. What I would say that is that the vote is inherently denied to us even when blocked. Until the electoral college is abolished we cannot even talk about voting as though it is a thing that is even really happening. Trump lost the election of 2016 by 3 million votes. He lost California by 4 million votes. California single handedly accounts for Trump’s loss in the general election. The electoral college took those votes and threw them in the trash. It’s a garbage system. Not enough people are angry about this. 

What are your hopes for this election?

All throughout the world political parties form very quickly and topple longstanding one party rule and duopolies. I hope people see this pitiful election as reason to divest from the duopoly once it is done. I would hope people look deeply into how this good cop bad cop game works.

The more fascistic the bad cop becomes the more fascistic it allows the good cop to be.

So what is today’s bad cop —is tomorrow’s good cop, and so the process goes.

In the political sphere I would hope that one day the people do come to power and within our lifetimes, war criminals and fascists face consequences for their actions. 

Matt Sedillo has been hailed as “the best political poet in America” by journalist Greg Palast and the “poet laureate of struggle” by historian Paul Ortiz. He is the author of “Mowing Leaves of Grass” and the literary director of the dA Center for the Arts in Pomona CA. Visit his website: 

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