Mat Gleason, Exit Poll

Mat Gleason, Exit Poll

Is your work political?

It is inevitably political – it is going to reflect some politics as it goes along so I don’t try to infuse what I do with a political stance because the politics of who I am and where I see us all now is going to ooze out of it. If I never directly address today’s “policy stance of the week” the audience is probably going to get a better idea of my overall politics as the residue of my output, the truest reflection of who I am.

What is the place of literature in politics?

It is there to be used. Literature gets used, it gets reduced to soundbytes like editorial cartoons. And it should; what a writer puts out into the world, and anyone creative, it is all going to get repurposed. I can’t control that. If my favorite politician quoted something I wrote to illustrate a point I would feel proud but if my least favorite politician did, what could I do, stammer through a denunciation? It is all out there, once it is published it is like a baby I gave up for adoption.

What is your favorite political work? 

Post Office” by Charles Bukowski. The articulation of how the system is soulless in its crushing of the worker is more wrenching than Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle” because most of us voluntarily walk into the slaughterhouses called a job every day.

Do you feel voting is important?

Yes. More and more every year.

What are your hopes for this election?

Paying it forward for President Harris.

Mat Gleason is a Los Angeles based writer best known for founding Coagula Art Journal. Just google him.

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