Reining in laissez-faire capitalism, cake for everyone

Reining in laissez-faire capitalism, cake for everyone

Laissez-faire is an economic theory from the 18th century that opposed any government intervention in business affairs. The driving principle behind laissez-faire, a French term that translates to “leave alone” (literally, “let you do”), is that the less the government is involved in the economy, the better off business will be, and by extension, society as a whole. Laissez-faire economics is a key part of free-market capitalism.


Contrary to popular belief, not working is NOT idleness. And “not working” does not cause society to fall into ruin. It does the opposite.

Let us look at the privileged upper classes and children of the leaders of industry and culture.

Not working encourages innovation. You only have to look at the young and privileged to see this in action. Those with privilege have been able to create technological advances, write books, design clothes, and compose some of our greatest music because they have time to focus on their muse.

And they do not work —at least not how the average person in the United States works —we trade out actual bodies for a paycheck.

We trade our bodies, our souls, and our minds so that we can have the small and minuscule privilege of not dying.

You really can’t create, do a 9-5 p.m. job, and raise a child. The idea that if you were not born in the upper classes, you must be superhuman to be a creative — is classist, ableist, sexist, and racist.

When people hear the idea of dismantling laissez-faire capitalism in the United States, their minds often convert this idea to the disappearance of the mythical, protected, middle class. A class where you have a homemaking spouse, 2.5 children, a dog, a washer a dryer, and a home. They speak as if this lifestyle has given them relief or that this lifestyle is attainable or necessary in 2021.

They don’t want the beast of capitalism controlled, because they have been told this kind of capitalism is the best, and if we don’t have this system, we will become communist and die in squalor.

But are not many of us in squalor right now?

Look around you friends, look around you right now. How many of your friends are dead? How many of you would be wiped out by a medical emergency for yourself, your partner, or your child? How many of you are wiped out right now? Are you drifting from apartment to apartment, to Airbnb, to living in your car?

The rich are not killing their bodies and minds for a paycheck. They are not cogs in a machine. They don’t live in their cars. They don’t get tickets because their grass is too long. They don’t pay for anything. They don’t do anything they don’t want to do, and has the world ended?

Have their lives become more horrible? Or even horrible?

Why can’t you have that?

Laissez-faire capitalism says you cannot have it because you haven’t worked hard enough. You can’t have beautiful things, because you don’t deserve them.

That is a lie.

Beauty is not created out of suffering and exploitation. You will never have anything beautiful under free-market capitalism because you are not rich, and you will never be able to earn beauty. You will never be able to own or have or enjoy anything beautiful under capitalism if you are not rich, because you will continually be chasing the hand that pats you on the head and gives you a paycheck.

You will have to prostrate yourself daily.

“No, sir, yes sir, I will get that report in next week….”

And under a society that puts business before people, you will never enjoy the sustained beauty that you deserve.

Innovation should not just be relegated to the wealthy, and neither should beauty.

I am against unrestrained capitalism. It normalizes suffering and punishment among all, but the elite.

The principle of laissez-faire capitalism is that those who are not rich do not deserve to live if they do not work for the rich. They do not deserve to eat if they are not working for the rich. They do not deserve to have freedom if they are not working for the rich.

With the bar set that low, where we just are surviving, we will never have beauty. You will never be able to have creativity.

You can have your creativity stolen, and your beauty sucked out of you for the enjoyment of the rich, but you will never enjoy it.

And this brings us to what are the alternatives.

The first thing is that WE need to control the beast. The U.S. needs to renew its Social Contract. The U.S. government’s role is not to just help the wealthy get as much money as they can. The U.S. government is US and we should not have to beg not to die.

A policy that uses technology, not to help the wealthy make as money as they can, but to help people gain control of their lives. What at one time took weeks now takes days. The PEOPLE should have the time. We should have that time to live our lives as we see fit.

No entity with INC. behind its name will treat you with dignity without laws with teeth. The state and policy can create regulations that put people first.

You can not negotiate with global capitalists with no support from the government. Accept that fact or die in the streets. That is literally your choice. You’re not going to beat them by yourself, with a Facebook group, or with a nonprofit funded by global capitalists.

The people must stop being anti-government. It is anti-us. In the U.S. this line of thinking is part of the Southern Strategy tradition of small government, states’ rights, and “choice.” and only allows the wealthy free rein to kill us.

In laissez-faire capitalism, ableism is fine, ageism is fine, sexism is fine , and racism is fine. It is acceptable for you to die in the streets for not putting your “fair share.”

Maybe you can avoid ever being injured or getting sick, but can you avoid getting old?

We all deserve to have a life where suffering is not a weekly ritual, and we can have that under a system that is not solely based on creating more money for two people on the entire planet. While simultaneously, the rest of us struggle for food and play Russian Roulette with our credit and debit cards.

We should control the economies of scale. The point of services like public transit, school, food, real estate should not be profit, but for social good. There is no excuse for the horror we have going on in the United States. It is indecent, and the acceptance of indecency is a mixture of ignorance and insincerity, and desperation.

This system’s reactionary elements are working exactly as it is supposed to, and it is trying to break you. We can’t let it.

Freedom is everyone’s right.

Suffering is not normal.

Many have embraced this suffering narrative even on the left. Imaginary gods and puritanical values that only benefit capitalists and the elite have brainwashed even those with good politics

Your goal should be beauty, not survival. You deserve better than just not to die.

  • Every cocktail I drink is a revolutionary act.
  • Every day that I don’t work for someone else and do whatever the hell I want is a revolutionary act.
  • Every day that I live my life as a free person is a revolutionary act.

Start your revolution today by changing the idea of what WE deserve.

Teka Lo, Public Intellectuals

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