Justice for Adam Toledo, a child from the Midwest

Justice for Adam Toledo, a child from the Midwest

In the aftermath murder of Adam Toledo at the hands of the state, boosters and cheerleaders high and low of a 500-year-old genocide have taken to print, television, and social media to parade their wanton sadism. These vile devils know no shame. Everywhere they ask, “why was he running?” “what about the other side” “why was he out late at night?” “where was his mother?” 

Adam was running because a murderer with a badge was chasing him. His mother filed a missing person’s report because she was not informed her son had been murdered for two days.

But the point of these questions is never the answer. The point of these questions is not even deflection. The point of these questions is to further demonize the victims. And not just victims at random either but the victims of centuries of oppression, hyper-exploitation and state-sanctioned murder.

Justice for Adam

In recent years we have seen a number of Raza teenagers like Adam murdered at the hands of the state: 

  • Andy Lopez, 14, murdered in his backyard, vile cowards asked why wasn’t he in school.
  • Jesse Romero, 14, shot in the back, same vile cowards ask why was he running.
  • Andres Guardado, 18, shot in the back, the same vile cowards, the same vile question.
  • Sean Monterrosa. 22,  murdered by the police while on his knees at a George Floyd protest. You can guess at what the cowards had to say here.

These questions are not to be humored. The people who ask them are to be immediately understood for what they are, regardless of their ethnic background: boosters and cheerleaders of genocide.

The parallels to Black youth such as Tamir Rice, Mike Brown, Treyvon Martin, Latasha Harlins’ who were murdered by the state or vigilantes, are unmistakable. All of these Black youth were not only slandered in the cases of their own murder, but also portrayed as older than they were and had their childhoods denied. 

  • Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old child, was reported to be in his 20s by the police who murdered him.
  • The judge in Harlins’ case described Latasha as “scary.” 
  • The police officer who murdered Mike Brown called him a “demon.”

Like Black youth, Raza are perceived to be older than they are and pose an inherent threat. 

Career racist and slanderer arch-reactionary Sean Hannity referred to Adam Toledo as “a 13-year-old man.”

“We are awaiting the release this hour of Chicago Police bodycam footage that captured the fatal police shooting of a young 13-year-old man by the name of Adam Toledo.”

Sean Hannity, Fox News

During the Central American migrant crisis of 2014, House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul said that he saw “some 17-year-olds that I thought looked more like a threat coming into the United States.”

This is the language of extermination. The fear of teenagers who will grow into adults, who will pose an inherent threat is the language of genocide. Anyone who has anything other to say than a child was murdered and then demand justice has thrown in their lot with the forces of wanton murder, systemic oppression, and the centuries-old genocide.

Children should not be murdered for being out late at night. 

There is no other side.

by Matt Sedillo, Public Intellectuals

Matt Sedillo has been hailed as “the best political poet in America” by journalist Greg Palast and the “poet laureate of struggle” by historian Paul Ortiz. He is the author of “Mowing Leaves of Grass” and the literary director of the dA Center for the Arts in Pomona CA. Visit his website: www.mattsedillo.com 

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