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Journalism Ethics #DemConvention

I thought it was crystal clear that US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seconding the nomination of Bernie Sanders for President was per procedure. Though this is my first time watching the DNC Convention, I did take social studies, in junior high and high school. I am truly confused at the implication in some parts of the media that a recorded, preplanned, happens during any convention when a candidate reaches a certain threshold, is some kind of condemnation of the Democratic nominee.

I continue to be disappointed with our media. Their lust for ratings over truth, in part, brought us the monster currently in residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.

We have a sadistic malfeasance president who is making his way to dictator. A president who appointed Jared, his son-in-law, as head of the taskforce to enact a plan against COVID-19, then scrapped it after the taskforce figured it would kill more Democrats. During a time when some have started the school year, and others are about to start, parents are having to make the hard and false choice of risking their children’s health or not eating.

In a summer where people are being evicted, in fact, 50 million people are at risk of being put on the street by the end of the summer.

I am amazingly curious why a member of the fourth estate would instead of reporting facts, choose to imply something that is not true for ratings?

Publishing what is tantalizing is not what gets us out of this.

Social media counts as publishing.

Our overworked population is already amazingly ill-informed and accidentally ignorant. It is criminal that major media (NBC, NY Post, NY Times, Fox) for ratings would add to the mountain of disinformation by implying what AOC did was somehow out of the ordinary. It was not out of the ordinary. Also, people in leadership positions who others look to for guidance, it is imperative that before you go to social media, to at least check more than one source before you share information that just confirms your bias.

My mother was a Bernie supporter for two election cycles. I have been a fan of his progressive message and his ability to inspire and push the Democrat Party further from the interest of business and closer to the people’s interests. Regardless of my admiration of Bernie, I would never go onto my page and lie about what happened for some childish mocking.

As a person who was awake in high school during history, social studies, biology, and algebra, I’m gravely concerned about the misinformation shared and disseminated by people who have the job title of journalist. If you’re covering a convention you should know the rules of a convention, this was covered in about 8th grade.

As a person who has studied political science, history, and behaviorism on the graduate level, I’m gravely concerned about the authoritarianism growing in the White House. I get we’re all going to die, but are you ready to die right now? That is slightly figurative, but only slightly.

So are you ready to die right now? That is the future of false choices.

I can honestly say that right now is the worst experience I have ever had to watch from my backyard. I know of at least ten people who have died from COVID19. Before COVID19, I watched people lose their homes, and now I see the monthly requests for donations ticking upward. As a person who has a house, a car, plenty of food, a secure (for now) source of income, health care, and dental, it would be immoral for me to play theoretical games with others’ lives.

We’re at a time where the truth matters.

I hope you continue to trust me and know that I would never say something for the sole purpose of my amusement, and if I do, I will label it fiction.

by Teka Lo, Public Intellectuals

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