Letting Black voters die under the guise of COVID-19 herd immunity

Letting Black voters die under the guise of COVID-19 herd immunity

According to two POLITICO exclusive, emails between former United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Trump appointed science advisor Paul Alexander and the Trump Administration and emails between Center of Disease Control (CDC) Trump-appointed head Robert Redfield, MD, and his staff shows there was a plan for COVID-19 by the White House. The COVID-19 plan was to infect the US population with the deadly disease to quicken the pace of herd immunity.

A strategy that the American Medical Association, Medscape, WHO, Nature Magazine, and others have said is scientifically infeasible, irresponsible, and reckless.    

“Herd immunity occurs when a large portion of a community (the herd) becomes immune to a disease [owing to vaccination], making the spread of disease from person to person unlikely.”

Mayo Clinic

Herd immunity is typically done through vaccination, not through killing and permanently injuring people by exposing them to a potentially harmful and deadly disease. These actions are a clear example of how malfeasance and selfishness kill people.

“There is no other way, we need to establish herd, and it only comes about allowing the non-high-risk groups expose themselves to the virus. PERIOD,” Alexander (wrote in an email obtained by POLITICO) on July 4 to his boss, HHS assistant secretary for public affairs Michael Caputo (worked on Trump’s 2016 campaign), and six other senior officials.

“Herd immunity is achieved by protecting people from a virus, not by exposing them to it.”


Dr. Anthony Fauci who from 1983 to 2002 was the 13th most cited scientist in the world and the longtime head of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease stated 85 percent of the US needs to get the Covid-19 vaccine for “true herd immunity.”

“Infants, kids, teens, young people, young adults, middle-aged with no conditions etc. have zero to little risk….so we use them to develop herd…we want them infected…Data shows I have hear (sic) that only 3.5% of deaths are now in person’s younger than 44-years-old.” -Alexander in July 4, 2020 email.

Let me state again, what Alexander stated, is factually incorrect.  That is not how herd immunity works. 

Of course, these irresponsible actions were helped by the forever incompetent religious zealot CDC head “doctor” Redfield.  Alexander sent his orders to the CDC, and of course, Redfield complied.

For context, in this email, Alexander is demanding that CDC insert new language in a previously published scientific report on coronavirus risks to children or “pull it down and stop all reports immediately.” 

Alexander wrote

“CDC tried to report as if once kids get together, there will be spread and this will impact school reopening. … Very misleading by CDC and shame on them. Their aim is clear. … This is designed to hurt this Presidnet [sic] for their reasons which I am not interested in.”

In press conferences, the Trump Administration denied any knowledge. 

The Trump Administration has been constantly denying that he is using the herd immunity strategy, because he is, of course —a liar. 

And it gets even more revolting. 

Why would he want to do a herd immunity strategy? Because although regular people have been doing awful financially, the stock market has been booming

Trump clearly had a different objective for using the herd immunity strategy than merely the economy, because he and his wealthy friends were doing fine.  

In July, it was well known that Black and Latino people were three times more likely to contract COVID-19 and two times more likely to die than white people. You do not have to take that big of a leap in logic, especially considering the lengths that the Trump Administration went to disenfranchise the Black votes in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia that this strategy was one of Trump’s election strategies.  He was literally attempting to kill the Black voter base. 

An email from May 3 mail acknowledged that “minority groups are at a higher risk [for COVID-19]–on the face, this is very accurate,” Alexander.

“Scott…Please hold on sending this out.” HHS May 29

“Hold” was regarding CDC data stating that Black and Native Americans had a 4.5 times hospitalization rate and that Latinos had a 3.5 times hospitalization of white people after contracting COVID-19.

African Americans vote 80-90% Democrat and have the power to flip Republican strongholds. 

They flipped Georgia. 

The Trump Administration was not ignorant in its handling of COVID-19. They knew exactly what they were doing. 

The administration purposely downplayed COVID-19 and created a “dam effect” situation in the Black community

To summarize, people living under the dam are the most confident that it won’t fail, even when presented with insurmountable evidence of flaws or impending failures.  Because they will perish if it fails so they have a strong motivation to believe it will not happen. 

So you had significant swaths of Black people believing both the White House and the anti-socialized medicine/antivaxx brigade, because of lack of choice bias confirmation. Both groups were essentially dis-informing the Black community, using various propaganda methods to immobilize the community into inaction.  These methods included calling the leaders and organizations who wanted to use science to guide closures, racist and alarmist, and using entertainers and funded by foundation nonprofits to distribute the message. 

At the same time, you had the Black community needing to believe the lies for their economic survival.  Because the truth would have meant not going to work AGAINST the will of the bosses and WITHOUT the support of the society.  The consequence for many would be being fired, permanent unemployment, and homelessness.

Then on top of that you add in the white supremacist stereotype that Black people are not able to understand things as quickly as white people. You have a very dangerous situation where you can get away with actively lying and manipulating the Black community and it simply being ignored because of the idea that Black people aren’t very smart. If any community had been actively attacked with misinformation the way the Black community has been during this pandemic, the results would be similar, and actually probably worse. Historically, Republicans have spent millions of dollars with the sole purpose of disenfranchising Black voters —this is a small hop. 

Trump and capitalism have created so much stress and distrust around COVID-19 a survey of the Black community as of November 24 stated only 18% of the Black would trust a vaccine.

If you still think the idea of Trump letting Black people die for an election is far-fetched look at the Vanity Fair story “How Jared Kushner’s Secret Testing Plan “Went Poof Into Thin Air” by Katherine Eban.   Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner was given the task to build the COVID-19 testing plan to help coordinate public health responses and, in boxing terminology, “took a fall”. 

Most troubling of all, perhaps, was a sentiment the expert said a member of Kushner’s team expressed: that because the virus had hit blue states hardest, a national plan was unnecessary and would not make sense politically. “The political folks believed that because it was going to be relegated to Democratic states, that they could blame those governors, and that would be an effective political strategy.”

Vanity Fair

Trump, the Republicans, and capitalism did do this. 

This was malfeasance. This was criminal. Trump and his administration pulled many cards with this election, and one of them was to willfully let Black voters die to stay in the White House, and many people of all races will end up dead owing to this gross malfeasance and one of the most heinous uses of racism in the modern era.

(Photo edit, December 20, 2020, to remove incorrect name on photo)

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