Hell is other people, might not mean what you think

Hell is other people, might not mean what you think

Oppressors often try to normalize their sadistic behaviors by helping to “translate” people who are trying to subvert the system. For instance, the purposeful misinterpretation of Sartre’s existential play, “No Exit,” is that the theme is that hell is other people, but it is the “other” that should be emphasized. In “other,” he discussed a power dynamic where you are objectified as an “other” by other people. Those other people aren’t just other people. They are specific people with the power to control and create a narrative wherein, in the end, you will even judge yourself. The other is not everyone, just as the other is not god. That is not what Sartre was saying. That interpretation that the “other” is “everyone” is Hobbes’ idea of “the war of all against all” which justifies authoritarianism.

Sartre as an existentialist, Marxist and lefttist, wasn’t saying that.

The people who have power have names. When you interpret hell is other people as everyone, you might as well just say god and wait for the Easter Bunny.

The few who oppress want us to believe that everyone is out to get us, but no, most people are decent. Most people are ill-informed and overwhelmed, but mostly they are decent.

The same thing with the meme of we are a virus that is going around—explaining the bright side of people choking and drowning in their own fluid, because of a fake picture of dolphins in the Venice Canals. There is no sunny side to this. There is no bright side to any of this. And to imply that there is only helps the already wealthy and selfish. They don’t need your help.

And do not think that they don’t have PR teams working around the clock to feed you seemingly organic nonsense. The people in control want us to view the pollution of the planet as something we all did. This is not true.

WE are not a virus.

We did not create this.

The CEO of Disney has a name.
The CEO of IBM has a name.
The CEO of Citibank has a name.
The CEO of Exxon has a name.
The CEO of Blackstone has a name.

There is no boogeyman. There is no one in the closet. There is no one under the bed. Our oppressors have names, use their names and not ours.

Teka Lo, Public Intellectuals

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