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What happened to the Rodwell brothers & Jasper Spivey & its aftermath is part of a sadistic pattern of dehumanization of Black people


Listen to Afrika of Power to the People’s speech, because it is not just about Branden K. Rodwell, Justin Rodwell, Jaykil A. Rodwell, and Jasper D. Spivey, who were unjustly imprisoned, demanding respect of their Fourth Amendment Rights. It is about how the white hegemony breaks and dehumanizes Black people. How it tries to take your job, your family, --how its criminal justice system is a plantation.

When I was in L.A. the cops broke into my house while I was home. I had written a story on a ten-million-dollar project and its lack of ethics. Were they going to kill me, maybe. That is how white power structure operates in L.A. It murders you and says it was random violence. They kill you and say a gang-member did it or imply you were a prostitute and say your customer did it.

That’s what happens when you’re a Black writer and mess with people too far up the food chain.

In Newark and the surrounding areas, the cops here want to break you and not so much the cops, as in L.A., the cops are marionettes to the white power structure. The white power structure in New Jersey does not want you dead. They want you desperate. They need cheap, desperate Black labor who will work below pay grade end not compete with white working-class union jobs.

It is no accident that to according to the Economic Policy Institute Research Association that the median net worth for N.J.’s white families is $271,402—the highest in the United States, and the median net worth for N.J.’s Black families is $5,900, which is lower than in Mississippi.

New Jersey is a post-antebellum hell (California is a Minority Report hell).

In NJ as a writer, I kept getting in situations where white people threatened to call the police on me for not being a good dog.

I’m not exaggerating, they want you to bark like a damn dog in New Jersey and lick their behinds, and if you don’t, they’ll make something up, so the cops will arrest you and throw you in jail.

I have never in my life witnessed so much blatant bald-faced explicit lying as I have in New Jersey —and white supremacy is the engine that makes the liar confident that their lies will stick and they WILL stick.

What happened on June 1 to Branden K. Rodwell, Justin Rodwell, Jaykil A. Rodwell, and Jasper D. Spivey and the characterization in its aftermath is part of a sadistic pattern of dehumanization and lying that New Jersey racism has always relied on to control its Black population.

The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution that is part of the Bill of Rights, prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures, and that is what happened on June 1.

Teka Lo, Public Intellectuals

Give to the family today, so they can get a lawyer to defend themselves against these lying sadistic white power structures in New Jersey.


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