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The anti-vaxx movement's place in the January 6 failed coup and white supremacy


On January 6, the unmasked Radical Republican white supremacists were trying to kill people.

White supremacists and AAPS (often the same people) fund and guide anti-vaxxers and pastel Qanon. Are all white anti-vaxxers white supremacists? No, but their websites, taking points, and videos are often funded by white supremacists. If I wanted to give them a benefit of doubt I would call them the "accidentally ignorant" and gullible.

Why is the AAPS and white supremacists involved in this?

Their cover is wellness. Their goal is destroying public healthcare. 

Their argument is:

If you're healthy, then you don't need socialized medicine, Medicare, Medicaid, or Medicare 4 ALL. 

It is an ableist, fatphobic, and racist stance. It is the Orwellian lie they use to get away with the racist purview that Black, Latino, and other minoritized people are unhealthy, and being fat, sick, or disabled is a moral flaw.

Another silent idea from the “refuses to die “ “Lost Cause” Confederacy is that Black people's place is manual labor to be ruled by their "betters" —white men, so if you aren't suited for manual labor, you have no purpose as a POC, so you know longer be alive. 

I suspect another part of the January 6 coup was to spread COVID-19 to representatives of color, because even if white politicians get it, hopefully, they thought it would kill more POC. The White House knew early in the pandemic that COVID-10 was more deadly to POC but seemed to want to downplay it in order kill Black voters

The Radical Republicans not wearing masks during the January 6 shelter in place shows intent on spreading the disease to more senior members of the Democratic Party, hoping to kill members in purple districts.  I know it's sadistic. They are sadistic people. White supremacists are sadistic.

In the Black and Latino community, they use the same arguments that charters school do to get buy-in from those communities to participate in the dismantling of one of the United States’ few universal entitlement programs, public schools. 

People think the anti-vaxx movement in those communities is about historical racism, it is, but it's coming from the white supremacist's purview. 

White supremacists in the US have a long history and tradition of using the social construct of the white race, Western European body types, and rich people as the standard and pathologizing the differences of anyone who doesn’t fit the criteria into harmful policies —often harmful to Black people immediately and indirectly the community as a whole

They push the idea if you're fat, sick, or disabled (all these things have been tied to Blackness in the US), you're not human, and you should die, because you can't work for me, and I shouldn't have to share a doctor with you or pay taxes to support freeloading non-white people or fat people or disabled people. 

In communities of color, they hyper-focus on wellness and alternative health and the idea that doctors are part of a conspiracy involving big pharmacy. 

No masks on January 6 was deliberate, and people must recognize the role of the anti-vaxx movement in white supremacy and the treasonous January 6 action, because they were there too.

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Teka Lo, Public Intellectuals

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