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Kirk Nesset is not a victim of the prison industrial complex, he's a predator


A new post after a conversation from with Poetry Magazine.

POETRY Magazines parries are perfidious, are they puerile or just ignorant?


I stumbled upon this article. I find nothing shocking about Kirk being a pedophile. He molested me when I was 14. He was a man then, I remember details…1980. A year I’d like to forget.
- Solstace


Quote from Guest on February 16, 2021, 2:16 pm

Incarcerated pedophiles are not "marginalized peoples." They are not victims of the system. They are exactly where they belong.

It has long been shown that therapy is useless for sexual predators. Kirk isn't going to change, no matter how much therapy he gets. He served his time, yes, but he's still a pedophile. If that doesn't horrify you, then you are morally corrupt.

And no one is silencing Kirk's "voice." Having a voice doesn't mean one is owed a platform. Kirk can write whatever he likes. But POETRY never should have published it.

This is completely false, and more troubling is the fact that you label anyone who reacts differently from you as “morally corrupt”.  Are you afraid of a fair reading of the facts?

The facts are very clear on sex offenses.  Recitivism rates are among the lowest in all categories of crime.  So no, it hasn’t “long been shown” that therapy doesn’t work for sexual predators.  The truth is that sex offenses destroy a person’s entire life, and if they manage to be lucky enough to rebuild something, they are LESS likely to engage in the behaviors again.  Whether they still think about it really isn’t at issue, because if we start moralizing on what we “think”, then we are all in trouble, aren’t we?

What has “long been shown”, is that children face far greater risk from a trusted adult in their life than they do from the paroled sex offender down the street.  That doesn’t mean you should court danger by having Little Lulu play in his driveway in micro skirt, but it does mean to let the man live a fair and just life.

As I said, it was a bit quick for Kirk to be published, and so easily.  But if you want the concept of redemption to exist, you need to allow people to restart.



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