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Dear white left...


If I have a choice, I try to pick the option that doesn't lead to vicious authoritarian fascism.  I would be left, but I will choose the movement that pragmatically and successfully liberates Black people. I'm a radical desegregationist. I'm left of the average progressive in policies, but I'm right of an accelerationist and oppose this ideology.  Why?  Because the right is so ascendant that the next stop is fascism. 

Embrace the idea that different opinions exist on the left.

I'm disappointed that there still exists a  “compartmentalized by race” left. Nixon's war on drugs was to divide  Black people AND YOU from uniting in solidarity, but solidarity isn't something you believe in unless you can be in charge. 

And no matter how many times you say it, your organizations are not multiracial. You're a group of white people with one or two outliers of POC who don't really like other POC.

Let me continue. I am still wondering how SOME of the white left organizations —thought Yang was a good idea.  It was not strategically sound and you seemed to have no next steps? Was pissing people off one of them? 

I have some inkling  of what you thought. I am going to explain why that thinking continues to have you losing not only different races and ethnicities, but the hearts and minds of all people. 

On the left, identity politics has long been silently mocked or marginalized. It is seen as a distraction and competitor for time, energy, and resources.  It is something the other  non-white guy does. But the white identity and its role historically and presently on the left is the original sin of its organizing woes.

It is not that Black people can’t get over race. It is YOU  who can't get over race. 

Many pragmatic progressives understand this, but much of the left is still in the 1960s playing New Left games. The 1960s was over 60 years ago, but you haven't moved. Those of you who have moved, are in the 1980s, which is still 40 years ago.  

You're still looking for a white savior organizer. You want the big white brain to bring it together, and who really gets it, not like the non-white people focused on identity.

Here's the thing. White centrists and even progressives aren't going to let you get away with the race games they play, AND if you try it, they will play them better than you. 

Antiblackness is for the capitalist players. It won't work with you, at least not right now. 

Instead of explaining Black people and Black life in lengthy Wittgensteinian Tractus, consider looking inward. 

Consider for once maybe the white guy isn't the most competent person in the room. Think about "POC" in a manner that is not objectifying. Think about not using POC/BIPOC and saying what you mean. Even some of your support for Yang (you say for strategic reasons) was tinged with racial stereotypes of Asian people. 

You can't even act right with people you like. 

Stop objectifying and weaponizing POC or get used to losing.

I know you think we don't see your winks or hear your dog whistles. We do. We understand what is not being said. Everyone does.  Consider this recent quote by Ross Barkan:

“Adams does not have to listen to them at all. He would enter office with strong
support from middle class Blacks (middle class? that doesn’t save you), organized labor (that’s Black), and a large number of Democratic politicians (that’s Black) and organizations (that’s Black).”

Your race games are infuriating and they force people into one-night stands that never in life would they ever consider. Danny Glover has consistently supported left candidates but  endorsed Eric Adams. You can bet that this would have never happened if you had kept your racist mouths shut. 

You are excellent at making people angry. You need to bottle that. 

Some of your behavior in New York was truly disgraceful. Your desperate last-minute race games in for what all intents and purposes was a national race, along with Bamazon, will not be forgotten. At least not by me.

You, the white left, specifically, will NEVER get away with employing antiblackness or playing to whiteness to win, because some of your interpretations of theories are correct. You just apply it to the wrong people. You need to apply your theories to yourself. It IS about class and POWER. 

The white left isn't part of white hegemony. Make it your daily affirmation:  the white left renounces “white hegemony.”

Nixon's war on drugs was to stop Black people AND YOU. You seem to forget that. You're persona non grata, you're entertaining, but no one is going to admit to taking you seriously. You are a problem, and part of that problem is your ability to see systems and institutions in your reading groups, but your inability to see it in praxis activities like elections. 

Your ideas, strategies, and dreams are never going to translate with a framework that is rooted in antiblackness and white supremacy. This is why the white left, until they stop playing racist games, will continue to lose with candidates and strategies that don't respect the humanity and the originality of all people of all races.

There is the reason that leftists like AOC, Cori Bush, and India Walton have been triumphant , but there are no young white men or even young white women with comparable victories in the East or West or even the middle of the country.  Yes, we love Bernie too, but many of us are dreading the day his obituary is announced on Fox News with a look of glee on the newscaster’s plastic face.  Where are your leftist white men victories in Kentucky? Wisconsin? Idaho? You witnessed “The Squad’s” methods, studied  the strategy, but you can't replicate  it? Why? Think long and hard about why before you open your mouth to disrespect the identity politics that you believe white leftists have moved beyond .

You can't win in white land, because while your theory may be good, your praxis and strategies continue to be based on the ideas of white supremacy.  In that Bizarro White Hegemonic World, — you are a race traitor who drives away BIPOC and you're weird. In BIPOC land, you present yourself as a racist asshole, and that assessment is owing to your interpersonal behavior, not your actual identity. 

Think about addressing your own perceptions of power & place within the movement.   The left does need you, but we need you to re-examine your self sabotaging actions that I pointed out in this typed missive. 

Entertain the ideas that it's not Black people, maybe it is you, and perhaps white hegemony is a bigger hindrance than you care to admit. 

Teka Lo, Public Intellectuals


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