Damien Tillman, Exit Poll

Damien Tillman, Exit Poll

Is your work political? 
Not intentionally. I have this saying, “I write about things that matter to me and unfortunately, everything matters to me.”

What is the place of literature in politics?
 I would hope its place is to transcribe the truth and spread facts so people can make informed decisions. Another saying I have is, “Many people have been told that art imitates life, but I say life seems to imitate art. Meaning that accurate art tends to capture reality better than life itself in all of the false narratives and misinformation being spread.

What is your favorite political work? 
I don’t critique or qualify art by its relationship to or its ability to become politicized, unless that intention is made clear by the artist. Currently the song “Try Jesus” by Tobe Nwigwe has an important message that I wouldn’t mind seeing as part of a Black agenda.

Do you feel voting is important? 
Voting is important, but only if done at all levels. Voting isn’t the most important aspect of politics or the political process.

What are your hopes for this election? 
For this election and every election moving forward, I hope people begin to realize that elections are more than falling in line with a political party, marketing strategy, or narrative that gets the most promotion in the media. I hope people see that it’s an opportunity to hold politicians, political parties, and the political processes accountable for what they’ve done, what they’re doing, and what they promise in the future. I hope people are exposed for their racism, acts of discrimination and corruption, then removed from the political sphere and replaced with better human beings. I hope that the people make it clear to every political figure now and in the future that they will either prioritize, produce, and vote on policies, initiatives, and changes that will ensure improvements for the lives of the people or they will lose their political seat.

Damien Tillman is The Founder and CEO of Divergent Thoughts, LLC. He’s an Educator, Author, Mentor and Executive Director of The New York Writing Club. He works to empower people so they can become the solutions to their problems. His first book, “Learning To Quote Myself,” is available on his website www.damientillman.com.

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