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Domestic insurrection lit by the stochastic terrorism of Donald Trump

Domestic insurrection lit by the stochastic terrorism of Donald Trump

We are currently in the midst of an attempted coup. Because of the disinformation put out by President Donald Trump.

Treasonous mob broke into our Capitol. Some got into the Senator chamber, grabbed the gavel of the empty chamber, and began pounding for, I guess, disorder. And the President barely said a thing.

Pence, the Vice President, has called it a coup. 

A person reportedly was shot.

This is exactly why President Trump removed Defense Secretary Mark Esper. He did it so he could attempt a coup, which he began with stochastic terrorism.

What is stochastic terrorism? It is the incitement of violence towards a group. It is done by public demonization for example using the media, like Twitter or Fox News to spout white supremacist lies about a group of people. Traditionally demonized and targeted groups in the United States are Jewish people and Black people.

Currently that group is the United States.

The result is violence that appears random, but nothing is random about stochastic terrorism. Nothing is random about the events that are currently unfolding in DC and other locations across the United States.

Our Capitol has been defouled, and our treasonous President planned it.

And while people said in the past that the military is not with Trump, so talks of coups were hyperbole, those people seemed to have missed WW2. 

Trump views the Proud Boys as his Storm Detachment (SA). The SA was Hitler’s paramilitary. He did not need the German military. He just needed a few people who weren’t afraid to get physical and an underestimating public to rise to power. 

Regarding the violent Proud Boy organized rally in Charlottesville, Virginia that killed Heather Heyer in 2017, Trump stated, “you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides.”

At the first Presidential Debate he told the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by.”

Trump has no intention of doing anything but continuing to burn the Constitution for the insurance money. Trump is not random. He has been actively planning harm. He is ACTIVELY PLANNING HARM.

We have the tools to remove him, and we must do what we can to remove that vile human being and all the Senators and Congresspeople who enable him —from the White House.  

Teka Lo, Public Intellectuals

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