Neoliberalism failed, centrists have failed, moderates failed, conservative “concern trolls” have failed

Neoliberalism failed, centrists have failed, moderates failed, conservative “concern trolls” have failed

Black, Asian American, Latinos are engaged in every election. Communities turned out more people than ever before this cycle owing to DIY organizing in our respective communities. We DID NOT need the racist vote.

Not everyone white is going to vote for racists, only about half. We can change the United States by taking all the resources spent on racists and instead supporting media, unions, and organizing on progressive issues.

Centrists are wrong, we don’t need racists, and we don’t have to cater to them.  Centrists should also stop calling people who are reckless, sadistic, and racist— conservative or moderate, because that is not what they are.

No one who is conservative or moderate would have casually sat back and watched Trump’s casual cruelty and mercurial behavior  and not only not condemn him, but vote with him on many actions until the very end. Those people aren’t moderate or conservative. They are selfish bigots.

When we have achieved victory in this contest , it will be owing to engaged non-racists and anti-racists. Neoliberalism failed, moderates failed, conservative “concern trolls” have failed. If they had put forth a campaign of hope, they would have gotten the Senate. Centrists are fantasy-prone opportunists and triangulators ; they don’t care about justice or reason, but temporary political expediency tactics at the cost of long term overall strategy . They are carpetbaggers and colluders of racists and homophobes.

A Conservative is defined as someone who is cautiously moderate and desires to preserve existing conditions.  “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.”  People who ran up our debt to $27 trillion (at last count) and the US Public Debt to a historic high of $22 trillion, those people aren’t reasonable or conservative.  They are profligate rakes.  A group of people who appointed a religious zealot maniac to lead the CDC, so now the US is on track to killing over half a billion Americans are not CONSERVATIVE!  They are delusional parochial fanatics. 

The Centrists can continue in their role of useful ignoramuses and moderate wedges to divide the populace.  They can attempt to rewrite the narrative to include occluding nuance, to magnify details into fundamentals.  However, the real world is not a personal narrative like one of Tom Friedman’s famous taxi rides where an immigrant’s story becomes an important pillar for supporting Neoliberal Corporate Capitalism.  Their “moderate” and “conservative” friends malfeasance and rank opportunism turned a pandemic into a slaughter and aid package intended for those in need into a Sopranos-inspired Corporate “Bust Out” of our country that drives the debt to a stratospheric height.   Formerly, those very same “moderates” and “conservatives” would have swooned and clutched their necklace pearls if such a fiscal irresponsibility had been proposed by anyone left of John McCain.

After all that has happened, they think the best plan of action is to CONTINUE to acquiesce to the right?

I reject the idea that everyone white is racist. I reject the notion that everyone can’t change. I reject the idea that you should only talk to Black people every four years and that Latinos are insignificant. I reject the idea that Black, Chicanx, and Latinx places are only as organizer workhorses whose place is to only bring Democrats voters and NOT shape policy.

I reject the idea that just because a white (adjacent) guy does a “hot take” in the Week or WP or Jacobian that it can’t be viewed as just as ridiculous as hot takes on Twitter. Tenure and a Ph.D. doesn’t make you right; it just makes you privileged.

Also, Asian Americans have consistently voted Democrat at levels only Black people beat, so when it comes down to institutional policy, stop with the non-nuanced “they are racist too” narratives. It’s wrong, it’s always been wrong.

Half of white people are racist and dedicated to racism, but half of them are not, and 75% of Black, Latino, and Asian Americans are down with creating an America for everyone.

Progressives won this. PROGRESSIVE VALUES WON THIS. If it weren’t for COVID  —centrists can barely attach a PDF.  Digital organizing and reaching out to all the people who Emanuel & Friends didn’t think mattered in— the end, that is what will have won this.

“Every single candidate that co-sponsored Medicare for All in a swing district kept their seat.”

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, New York Times

I want to see the DNC funding for media and outreach to Black, Native American, CHICANO, and Asian Americans, I bet it is a balled up receipt from Arby’s.

The DNC centrists spent billions on racist white people.  But who did the heavy lifting without the “back braces?”   Dedicated Grassroots organizers, unrepentant progressives & Bernie supporters, and unheralded stalwart and susceptible Black grandmas, who placed their lives on the line in a pandemic, did that.   And you have the nerve to ask us to work with people that who hate us, because that’s expedient triangulation ?

You can fuck all the way off .

Oh light the sky and hold on tight
The world is burning down
She’s out there on her own and she’s alright
Sunny came home

by Teka Lo, Public Intellectuals

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