Throwing the book at him, Bob Woodard take down of Trump

Throwing the book at him, Bob Woodard take down of Trump

There has been some question on Bob Woodard’s new book Rage. Questions like why Woodard didn’t go to the Justice Department immediately with the recording that Trump acknowledged that he knew that COVID-19 virus was dangerous? As a former newspaper publisher and investigative journalist, I have some thoughts. Let me start with this short anecdote.

I am a former newspaper publisher

In Inglewood, I broke several stories. One is that the Mayor did not live in Inglewood (which is illegal). Another story was that of a $18 million loan to Madison Square Gardens (MSG) from Inglewood was about to be illegally forgiven. The MSG loan was to be forgiven after four years if MSG rehabilitated the area around the Forum. Instead, it was about to be forgiven in three months. I revealed both these “facts” in some hastily written stories that spoke to the Mayor’s character in 2013. In 2020, guess what? The Mayor is still there despite facts.

And that is just one of many loaded hot guns floating around the ether.

Without Woodard’s book, the recordings would have been useless. Writing actually matters. Journalism matters. It is for more than just your unsourced hot takes on life that doesn’t involve you leaving the house.

Journalism matters

Don is Teflon, proof of what he has done has come out over and over again. He even got impeached. We are in a war to win hearts and minds, and facts are a “nice to have,” but they are worthless without a narrative. If just facts would end this man, he would have never gotten into office.

By saying Woodard should have just gone to the “cops,” you are essentially saying journalism has nothing to do with obtaining justice and is a hobby. Also we don’t work for the police or police like entities. We are the fourth estate. We are independent and under no obligation to hand over information to the police or police like entities. It is really an outrageous assertion that a leftist person or media publication would even imply such a requirement.

In February there were clear signs the whole administration knew

The Hill stated in a January story, that U.S. public health officials briefed senators on the spread of coronavirus, which had infected hundreds of people in China and two in the United States. 

Daily Beast reported that Senator Kelly Loeffler of Georgia started selling her stock —approximately $2 million, after that January 24 meeting and she bought stock in WebEx, that’s like Zoom for colleges and nonprofits.

Trump knew, they all knew, and the media told you and still we’re asking this why did not Woodard just go to the Justice Department? Some of you are truly unbelievable. 

A story in Vanity Fair that the Trump administration scrapped a testing program as it would save too many Democrats did what?

That recording without the corroborating Jared Kushner’s story which gives irrefutable proof that not only did he know this virus was deadly, but that Trump made a plan to minimize its impacts on his base, but once he surmised Jared’s COVID-19 plan would save more Democrats, the Trump administration scrapped it. They scrapped it, because doing nothing would kill more Democrats. That happened and came out on July 31, and I don’t see any handcuffs.

The FBI had proof Trump paid off Stormy Daniels and what happened?

Taking that recording to the Justice Dept in February would not have had the impact it has now. Donald would have spun it and did the same thing he did, murder many people. There are FBI documents stating that Trump paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 through his personal lawyer Michael Cohen and he spun that.

Also, in February, he hadn’t done anything yet. He was just about to, so where do you go with someone who might do something? 

We see how the “might do” something works. They typically tell you to come back when you are dead. That is what Woodard did. 

Did you see the Minority Report? Great, we’re not there yet

This isn’t the Minority Report. We don’t have a pre-crime arrest league, certainly not for rich white men who are the president.

The problem is our system. Bob Woodard did what he was supposed to do: get the story, shape the story, and present it in a manner that no one with a heart or a mind could refute.

Putting doctor narratives on journalists is just going to make everyone sick, cute idea though

Anyone saying that Bob Woodard should have revealed his fact immediately are putting 1976 Tarasoff v Regents of the University of California parameters on journalism, while that is a nice idea —that would prevent anyone from ever talking to a journalist and put a huge bulwark in us being able to develop stories. Bob is not a psychiatrist, he’s a journalist, and that’s not how we work.

We need this book to take Trump down. We’ve done several news stories, we’ve gone to the cops, we have impeached him, we literally need to throw a book at this man, and I thank Bob Woodard for taking the time to write, what may finally get this menace out of the White House. 

Individual events can be spun away, but a cohesive narrative is harder to ignore. I am looking forward to “Rage” and hope it will be the one of many nails that helps to end this nightmare.

Teka Lo, Public Intellectuals

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