The disingenuous argument of anti-vaxxers

The disingenuous argument of anti-vaxxers

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) was founded in 1982 in Virginia by anti-vaxxers Barbra Loe Fisher, Kathi Williams, and Jeff Schwartz, are they ignorant of how science work or insincere? We’ll never know for sure, but conservatives have found the anti-vaccination movement extremely useful in dismantling Medicaid, explaining how ACA is terrible, and how Medicare for all would be “like slavery.” Small government, state rights, the first amendment of corporate medicine, and anti-vaccination all seem to be great bedfellows

The NVIC is funded by the same circle that put the orange in the White House, this circle includes the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS). 40% of their funding is from osteopathic physician Joseph Mercola, who has made millions selling Vitamin D and C supplements. He’s registered as a Libertarian, which means Republican hippie, and like Senator Rand Paul another anti-vaxxer doctor, he is a member of the AAPS. AAPS is a conservative organization founded in 1944 to stop any form of US Government healthcare. AAPS killed the Wagner-Murray-Dingell Bill in 1945. The Wagner-Murray Dingell Bill was a proposal to institute a national medical and hospitalization program. It is ultra-right-wing and uses new-age quackery to justify racist and punitive medical policies. AAPS is why the US has the Go Fund Me medical system and the rest of the world has socialized medicine.

AAPS guides and influences NVIC.

Joseph Mercola, along with Robert Kennedy Jr., Gary Null, Judy Mickovits, and David Martin, are all disinformationists lifted up by US conservatives, the right, and new-age green racists.

For a good reason, the Black community does not trust the medical field. Historically we have been treated poorly. NVIC is taking full advantage of this, just like charter schools. NVIC, lead by people who are not Ph.D. researchers, have been holding and funding forums in the Black community on the “dangers” of vaccinations for at least four years.

One was held in Compton and even sponsored by the City of Compton.

NVIC anti-vaxxers, like all nonprofits, are weaponizing social justice movements and paying Black authoritarian sadists with the right costumes to use the accidentally ignorant to get what they want —for white people.

The anti-vaccine movement is overwhelmingly white, but if they make vaccines a race issue, it becomes a “social justice” conversation, and you’ve changed the game. They say scientists are racists; therefore, science is racist, so racism hurts Black people, so vaccines are from science, so vaccines are racist.

The right loves making false equivalencies. anti-vaxxers

From a logical standpoint, they are trying to say a equals a equals a equals a.

But what they are actually saying is a equals b equals q equals Π equals green.

They are similar. It is not equivalent. With each pairing, you make a more significant leap in logic until you no longer make any sense, and like in the game telephone, you have honest people and dishonest players.

The US is playing a dangerous game. The wealthy right-wing is taking advantage of the health care system that they broke and are “appropriating” incense, magnets, and lies to distract from the fact that this is all being orchestrated so they don’t have to pay the taxes medicare for all would demand. 

Do you know what is dangerous? Ignorance, our profit-based health system, capitalism, and the idea that the economy is more important than our lives.

Libertarian and Republicans, hiding under right-wing new age, hippie green racists, are using Black people and parts of the social justice and environmental movements in this anti-vaccination conversation.

by Teka Lo, Public Intellectuals

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