Tools of anti-blackness

Tools of anti-blackness

Your so-called allies use your Blackness as a tool for their social mobility. Jessica Krug is simply an obvious example. But this is exactly what Frank Wilderson describes in Afro-pessimism. Blackness itself being used as nothing more than a Tool to be used and abandoned. Anti-blackness

Removing Blackness is anti-black

Blackness removed from its contextual reality of being victims of anti-blackness is reinforcing the anti-black power dynamic. Consider the discussions about standards of living in the USA versus social democracies in Scandinavia.  In the above picture why not simply compare a white man in the U.S to a white man in Finland?

It is because this is not a comparable argument beyond merely comparing minimum wage in one region vs. minimum wage in another.

Africans in Finland face the highest amount of discrimination in the EU

When even if this Black man were in Finland, he still would not receive the same social benefits as the contrasting white man. So why pretend as if you give a shit about this Black man reality or even the Black reality anywhere, be it Finland or the U.S, just so you can advocate your political message.

People of African descent in Finland who hold a degree are twice as likely to be working in low-skilled, low-paid employment as their white counterparts

The reason why your so-called allies want you to see race specifically as the social construct to abandon is so they can continue to make ridiculous arguments, thus using Blackness as a Tool for social mobility or, as Tina Reiner calls it, a Trampoline. 

Everything is a social construct

For example, why do we call the sun the sun? Because we agree as a society to share the idea that that giant ball of gas in space should be called the sun. A social construct is simply a contract where two or more people(contract) agree to share the same idea. 

That is all. Why do liberals, radicals class reductionist types need you, as a Black person, to abandon this one social construct when society, by definition of the social contract, has agreed upon this social contract? 

The anti-blackness of my (Black) best friend

In leftist magazines is their “Black best friend” who they want to disregard the social construct of race discussing economics as applied to everyone or are they discussing some variation on Blackness? Black people in the most class reductionist environments are still BLACK. They are people called upon as Tools to do hot take on racial topics of the day, regardless of how many PhDs they have. Yet, acknowledging this social construct to improve Black people’s condition is somehow incorrect or not appropriate. 

Why is this? Anti-blackness.

Because of the same reason, your white liberal friends who use European Nordic countries as beacons of hope never tell you about the Black reality in those regions.

You are a Tool. Used and disregarded after proving a point that only helps the conditions of whiteness.

Ottis Smith is an African American digital artist out of California as well as a person living with a disability. Smith has also wrote and illustrated four comic books and currently working on his fifth. The fifth which features a disabled anti-hero who shares a similar story to his own. Ottis is also a writer and a member of an exclusively, Pan-African study group known as R.E.A.D (Revolutionary Education Action and Dialogue). It can be viewed live on YouTube, every Sunday, on a channel called Omni-Africa. He is also a panelist on Black-Disabled Men speaks pod-cast where they address current events in relation to the Black Disabled community. You can reach him at his e-mail

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