Another faker, this time just an orange cat

Another faker, this time just an orange cat

He was born Hobbes Sontag V in Essex Junction, Vermont, to gentlemen farmers to a New England Family whose roots reached to the Mayflower, but Sontag had a secret life.

Sontag was known in activist circles in the New York area as Malcolm Africa Jackson. His paw was always the first in the air for racial justice and his typewriter was forever burning with hot takes on issues of this day.

His critically acclaimed memoir, “Black Alley Cats, Feral Mothers,” was praised as the quintessential testament of Black cat life in Baltimore.

The book received the prestigious Felix award by the oldest white funded, Black literary organization in the literary community, the Delusionary Center (NAYC).

“I helped publish the work of someone who, early in their career, took funding and other opportunities that were earmarked for non-white scholars. The story was so authentic, really, I had a Black boyfriend in high school once to show my parents how sincere I was about anti-racism. I am heartbroken.”

His publisher Editorial Director Kristina Söderbaum, Duke Confederate University Press.

“He said my work was derivative and he was going to scratch me up if he saw me at another conference. I didn’t know what to do. I had my suspicions, but everyone kept saying things like, his name is Malcolm, like Malcolm X and Malcolm X had orange hair. I said people don’t have orange hair, they have red hair. Are you all insane?!”

A former colleague, an actual Black cat.

It was discovered by Sontag’s former teaching assistant, Shanna Hawkins of Dallas, that Jackson’s Black mother was actually his father’s second wife, who he married while Hobbes/Malcolm whatever…was in college.

Jackson, shockingly is actually just an orange cat.

“When I went to his house and he didn’t even have a washcloth, I knew something was up?” said Hawkins in Fix Your Sister’s Crown Magazine.

Shanna Hawkins, PhD, Professor of Black Girl Magic at Heathcliff Morris Brown University.

How did he get away with this for 15 years? Who knew cats even lived that long.

When will the faking stop? This is outrageous, outrageous, simply outrageous. How does this keep happening? How many more are there out there?

Dr. Sontag, who is just an orange cat, did not return requests for comments.

Teka Lo, Public Intellectuals
just an orange catjust an orange cat

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