Where were you Senator Amy Klobuchar?

Where were you Senator Amy Klobuchar?

Amy’s politeness on the Floyd murder continues to be a vile act of moral cowardness.

Though I am actually sure, she is not afraid. 

I am puzzled that no one is talking about Senator Amy Klobuchar’s complete detaching of herself from the entire situation. How does she come out unscathed for her wanton immorality cloaked in amorality? Amy knows exactly what she is and was (not) doing. 

I love representing Minnesota in the Senate

U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar

Which part Amy? The Blue part or the White part?

I watched her total derelict of leadership during the entire trial. No condolences, no talking to the city, not a damn thing. 

After it was safe, after she made it clear she did not give a damn, she put out a statement. A cold, calculated one, as a sort of 99ct store gold star for those who nonviolently “celebrated.” 

Keep in mind, what you saw yesterday was not a celebration. Nobody Black was celebrating.

Why is everyone letting Amy win? She’s playing the “law and order, one day white supremacy will win again when I try to run for office again” card. 

Easy not to make clumsy statements if you don’t do anything. Amy is getting rewarded for being a cold amoral look at both sides liar. 

A liar, because she had a side.

In 1965 after visiting Los Angeles after the Watts Uprising, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr said, “As the nation, Negro and white, trembled with outrage at police brutality in the South, police misconduct in the North was rationalized, tolerated and usually denied.”

Amy is the quintessential “polite” white northern liberal who says, “There are good police officers,” right after someone is murdered.

To make it clear, no one thinks the rationalization of the police is polite. Notice I didn’t say police murdering people. I did not qualify that. I said no one thinks your rationalization of the police is polite or reasonable. 

There are no good police officers. Being a police officer is a job, not a marginalized identity.

According to The Guardian, when Amy served as the Hennepin County Attorney from 1999-2007, she declined to press charges against more than a dozen officers accused of killing civilians, including Derek Chauvin, who opened fire on a stabbing suspect in 2006 and we all know Derek is a liar.

And here’s the not so secret, the “polite” white liberal completely understands they are not reasonable. 

I know what Amy is doing, and more importantly, she does too. 

A person who silently or openly supports the police is entirely aware that they are supporting white power. That person 100 percent knows what they are doing. 

Amy Klobuchar’s silence was as powerful as it was disrespectful. It could be interpreted as an intentional message to white power. 

Go ahead, keep harming them. I’ll protect you.

With the murder of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, by Police Officer Kim Potter on April 11, it appears the rank and file understood her silent message. 

Teka Lo, Public Intellectuals

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