Afauxcans, Pretendians, and other liars

Afauxcans, Pretendians, and other liars

So another faker in academia and publishing was caught. This time a white woman from Kansas, Jessica Krug. A finalist for both the Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass book prizes for her new book “Fugitive Modernities.” Who not only faked being an Afro-Latina and/or Black (depending on the day), but gatekeeped other Black and Afro-Latina women.

“While claiming to be a child of addicts from the hood, she boasted about speaking numerous languages, reading ancient texts, and mastering disciplinary methods — while questioning the work of real [women of color] doing transformative interdisciplinary work that she PANNED,” Bonilla said of Krug.

Yarimar Bonilla, professor of Africana, Puerto Rican and Latino studies at Hunter College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York

I didn’t appreciate Krug’s work when she was “black,” but now I think you should look at her literary costume as a reminder of how an Afauxcan operates.

Black trauma porn

Black trauma porn needs to stop. Rewarding caricatures of blackness is a white supremacy time honored tradition. They reward it in the academy, nonprofit life, and the arts.

White people (and institutions) pretending to be Black people will always thrive at the amplified caricatures of Black pain. Because the caricature of black comes from the white imagination and outrageous stories about Blackness is confirmation bias.

The institution encourages this. The institutions wants this.

This behavior thrive in the the education, art, and nonprofit world. Notice how predominantly white institutions can write the most pathologizing horrifying mission statements to get funding to “help” Black people.

A recent study talks about how white author narratives in the nonprofit world to “support POC” are more likely to get funding in comparison to ones written by Black authors. Reason being is that Black authors write less pathologizing narratives about their communities. Funders don’t like that. The more pathologizing and horrifying the story, the more convinced white funders are to give.

They wouldn’t want to accidentally give to some uppity Negroes, unless that uppity Negro is from Harvard.

Black is not a costume and even it if was, it would not be just one

12 years ago I attended a poetry workshop. The facilitator said my work was not Black enough. Presented in code, of course, but I knew what they meant. It wasn’t enough “black” pain in it. There was pain, but it wasn’t wallow in some imaginary ghetto with an absent or abusive Black man pain. It was not “black” pain.

I am using a lowercase “b,” because what people want from me has nothing to do with Blackness and everything to do with white supremacy.

Jessica Krug better give ALL that money back

“I helped publish the work of someone who, early in her career, took funding and other opportunities that were earmarked for non-white scholars. “

Editorial Director Gisela Fosado, Duke University Press

I am going to deduct this all started really, because of a grant. As academia and publishing do not want to spend their money, endowment or time on Black stories or Black people, someone probably came up with the idea of Black people in pain telling their stories of pain through fiction and nonfiction and they could combine with a health grant (which tends to be larger), so it became a sort of requirement for funding purposes.

I wonder how many grants she got playing up her caricature of blackness across the diaspora.

I bet a lot of white people, white institutions, and white organizations steal money and resources pretending to be a bit more black and colorful than they actually are.

Teka Lo, Public Intellectuals

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