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Public Intellectuals magazine provides a platform for discourse on and between politics, economics, race, labor,  socioeconomic class, popular culture, art, and literature.

It is a multi-media publishing council that updates daily on weekdays and produces an annual print edition year-in-review of the literary community.

Please note “magazine” is not an official part of the title of Public Intellectuals, but in describing us please refer to us as Public Intellectuals magazine, not Public Intellectuals website.

OUR STYLE is Southern California Gothic.

Southern California Gothic is a journalism genre that is reminiscent of New Journalism and Southern Gothic, except it is not. It is its own distinct voice. Its narrative style is observation and subjective. It views the American dream and nightmare through the lens of the African Diaspora, Chicano/a/x, Asian American, and Midwest migrants that land or have always been in Los Angeles. However, its setting can be any large metropolitan area where racism hides out in the open, though it is a style birthed in Los Angeles. The primary lens is distinctly Black and Chicanx. It critiques capitalism and racism in fiction and poetry, using the effects of economic violence and white nationalism in an absurdist critique of the U.S. from Western Expansion and Reconstruction through the Modern Eras. In nonfiction, it connects racism, economics, colonization, land theft, Chinese Exclusion Act, and slavery’s impact on current events.

Founder, publisher, and editor
Teka Lo

Staff writer, podcast co-host
Jack O’Kent

Matt Sedillo
Jo Scot-Coe
Danielle Young aka Fat Faerie Princess
Dr. Elwood Watson
Julia Feliz
Dr. Roberto Cintli Rodríguez
Dr. Joseph Orosco
Ottis Smith
Sarah Rafael García
John Kawakami
Vincent Johnson
Sari Fordham 
Babatunde Babafemi

Featured Poets
Tiffany Midge
Alejandro Jiminez 
Gold Carson
Ánuar Zúñiga Naime
Rocío Carlos
Myriam Gurba
Imani Tolliver
Babatunde Babafemi
Yukta Bajracharya
Jeff Rogers

Countries where we have correspondents
United States

We pay all contributors a just rate. $100 US dollars per poem and 40 cents a word for articles.


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