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Enact the 25th Amendment, bury the Lost Cause idea of the South ever rising again

Enact the 25th Amendment, bury the Lost Cause idea of the South ever rising again

“Turner Diaries” is a book by William Luther Pierce. This book is the Bible of the white nationalist, racist right and it is why the 25th Amendment must be enacted.

In the “Turners Diaries,” the day of the rope is the day when white nationalists rise up and hang all the Black people and the race traitors (people married to Black people and nonwhites) and Jewish people after they attack the United States’ federal government. 

They even filmed it to reach a wider, non-literate / non-reading audience. It has been shown in human neurobiology that people have difficulty discerning reality from film.  The stimuli are treated equally and a film makes it more real, tangible, immediate, and possible.  

Pierce has inspired much violence in the United States, including the Oklahoma City Bombings and there is little doubt in my mind that Trump and his mob are very familiar with these sociopathic dreams. 

The events of this week have left a stain on my psyche. I felt that I was transported  back to the end of the 19th century.  Unrepentant Southerners forcing the North’s hand to leave its formerly enslaved African citizens in the hands of sadists and to start on the path of dismantling Reconstruction. Reconstruction was the one Social Contract, the United States, even slightly honored in regards to Black people. (For more information see, “Black Reconstruction.”)

Then the Orwellian “Department of History” lies began: “The Lost Cause” campaign.  Their disinformation included novels like  “Birth of a Nation,” and “Gone with the Wind,” and their films specifically “Birth of a Nation.”  The white Southern newspapers provided a constant drumbeat of fabricated Black crimes and righteous lynching of the accused.   The streets of Dixie ran red with Black blood for over half a century.

The heart of the sickness of United States racism beats south of the Mason Dixon Line.

Returning to our current conditions, after the organized melee of violence on the United States’ Capitol, step two is Black people. This treasonous mob is going to begin violent acts against Black people. The United States must stop the mob. These neo-confederates have been preparing for this with local police departments for decades.

Police violence has risen in many locations and not lowered. Why do you think that is? 

They HAVE been preparing for this. The police in 2020 were killing Black people at relatively the same rate that they were killing Black people in 2015, a little after Black Lives Matter started. 

January 6 was not about an incompetent police force. That was an “accessory to sedition” police force.  

Some people are concerned that the January 6 Capitol event will weaken First Amendment rights. They should have no such concerns.

What happened on January 6 had NOTHING to do with the First Amendment. January 6 was not a protest. It was a violent seditious mob incited and encouraged by our treasonous president, Donald Trump, that intended on causing harm to US Senators and Congressmembers in a FAILED coup. 

The Constitution does not protect such acts. Our laws explicitly condemn what happened on January 6.

Those who care about this country should be concerned about a repeat of Post-Reconstruction when the South imposed segregation. White racists, with and without the badges, were allowed to beat, rape, and murder Black people with impunity, especially in the South. These empowered sadists even stretched out their abuse to Mexican Americans with lynching in the Southwest and the newly arrived Chinese American immigrants and continued their assault against Natives. 

If you care about this country, the priority is to disempower neo-confederates, Trumpsters, and any law enforcement that is complicit because if they allowed to roam free, like the packs of rabid dogs that they are, the First Amendment and the entire Constitution will be of little use to the nonwhite and non-Christian citizenry of the United States.

The 25th Amendment must be enacted or impeachment preceding must begin and every single of the treasonous mob must be arrested and tried for attempting to overthrown the government of the United States.

Teka Lo, Public Intellectuals

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