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In 2021, be the change that you want to see, stop catering to racists and organize

In 2021, be the change that you want to see, stop catering to racists and organize

Last year was a deadly year. In 2020 over 300,000 people died who did not have to. Many people got ill and might never recover. Many people lost their jobs unnecessarily.  

There is something we should all realize and remember, while tragedy occurred on a grander scale in the United States in 2020, those are tragedies that regularly occur in the urban hypersegregated locations  of the US.  In these areas, unnecessarily early deaths and high unemployment is a typical year.

For now, elections and creating policy are some of the best tools we have to construct  the country we claimed to be but never were.

Numbers do matter. This is why white supremacists and the right-wing try so very hard to make the census difficult and to suppress voting in Black and Brown communities. It is why gerrymandering continues to exist, it works. It is why in 2013, Senator Mitch McConnel got the ball rolling on dismantling the Voting Rights Act.

In 2021 we need to become a country that will elect the best person at representing the people as president and we can become that country.

We need to become a country that provides people with hope and stop catering to racist neo-confederates, because we are afraid of what they might do. Their intransigence in fighting COVID -19 allowed hundreds of thousands to perish and through herculean effort during a pandemic, WE beat them.   

The progressives of the Democratic Party, which includes the newly elected Cori Bush, who got to the general by beating 20-year Democrat incumbent, William Lacy Clay in the primary, is winning races with multi-racial and generationally diverse coalitions against better-funded competitors without corporate America’s blessing. 

In 2021 we need more young politicians like US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and we need more old politicians like Senator Bernie Sander’s and US Representative Maxine Waters.  

We need everyone in 2021!

We need progressives on the ground in every state. We need to support real media in every wheat field and golden valley of this country, not just the stenographers of power, privilege, and spectacle.

We need to have a vision that includes:

  • Medicare for All.
  • Universal public colleges.
  • Universal childcare. 
  • And a minimum wage that is tied to how much it costs to live in this country and not the amount it takes to not die.
  • And former President Trump indicted for killing over 346,000 people owing to his reckless choices , because in any civilized country in the world, a person who committed this level of malfeasance wouldn’t be able to just go home and watch TV. 

The polarization in the 2020 election was in part between vision and no vision. Every single Democrat who lost their congressional seat opposed Medicare for All. Every single congressional Democrat who supported Medicare for All, won reelection.


These positions are actually supported by all.   The  white base of the United States’ Republican party has in the past and currently have fully embraced the above policies. They are merely racist and want those policies to benefit only white people. 

Republicans were OK with college being significantly subsidized and in many places free, as long as it was white.Giving people land was fine, as long as they were white. Settlements and land claims are how the newly immigrant Germans (largest white ethnic group in the US) got their start in America. Even in the 20th century, subsidized housing for the middle class was fine if it were white only. The government wanted to provide housing for Americans and was doing it until a loud racist minority stated they would reject it outright if it weren’t white only or segregated and unequal. 

Republicans are OK with subsidized healthcare. In fact, single-payer is fine if it’s white. In Utah and Idaho, some of the whitest and most Republican places in the US have single-payer. Seventy percent  of their communities are on a form of single-payer health care.

This is the year we can be anti-racist for real and not by having a bunch of useless workshops. We can start by being anti-capitalist, giving a damn about where the money comes from to fund politicians and MEDIA. It matters if one story in a publication is saying “defund the police” but another story is championing the world’s evictor Blackstone, simply because they have one nonprofit funding the houseless they helped make homeless. 

The people have the power to create a better normal in 2021, believe in the people and believe in yourself. 

Teka Lo, Public Intellectuals

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